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Office Christmas Party (2016)

Office Christmas Party (2016)


Jason Bateman
Olivia Munn
T. J. Miller
Jennifer Aniston
Kate McKinnon

Directed by Josh Gordon and Will Speck

Here is a movie that makes you want to cry. The tears will not be from laughter as this movie is meant to be a comedy, filled with talented comics whose job was to make you laugh until you cry, but in the end the only tears I cried were tears of disappointment.

Here is Jennifer Aniston leading the pack of comics and even her presence as an overbearing dick in a skirt, could not save the movie. The plot of the movie is all over the place, there are too many sub stories in the movie and the writers decided to link all of them into the grand ending.
The problem of such was, characters whose presence were ignorable had things to do with the way the movie ended, with clichés all over the place you had these ignorable characters tripping over the clichés knocking down everything seriously useful in the movie.

Although the movie was a box office success, everything else about it was not. The casting was too silly to make any of them memorable. The plot was too weak to even make any form of sense, then the error leading to the almost magical moment was seriously uneventful.
(Spoiler Alert)
Here is a movie which kicked off when one of the characters mistakenly puts cocaine into a snow machine in the party. Then by mere accident the man whom the leads were trying to get his business happened to be passing by the snow machine and gets doused by the cocaine making him high.

The movie plot has a rich, spoilt, dumb and naïve son of a millionaire Clay Vanstone (T. J. Miller) running one of his late father’s IT company branches. His sister Carol Vanstone (Jennifer Aniston) is the head of the company and has decided to close the branch her brother works in. Her claim is, company is not making enough money and she shuts down their Christmas party plans to save money also.
Clay in a desperate need to keep the branch open lied that he is closing a big deal, and that by doing so will make enough money to keep the branch open and running.

Carol agrees to this, but now Clay with his close compadres Josh Parker (Jason Bateman) and Tracey Hughes (Olivia Munn) must find a way to persuade a company procurement staff to buy servers from them.
When the deal was going south Clay tells the man they are having a Christmas Party and invites him to come see how the office runs like a family.

The movie then plays down the old street of clichés never missing any stops.


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