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Meet The Robinson (2007)

Meet The Robinson (2017)


Starring the voice of:
Jordan Fry
Wesley Singerman
Harland Williams
Tom Kenny

Directed by Steve Anderson

It happens, ever so often that one movie will fall between the cracks and not get the recognition it deserves.
Everyone sees what is wrong and the little tweaks here and there that would turn the said movie into a crowd pleaser. Such movies remain that, the one that fell through the cracks and remains a classic in the eyes of the ones who found it rejected and alone. They watch it, love it and to them there is nothing that can be added to make this movie any better that it is now.

Meet the Robinsons is one of such movies for me, this computer-animated science fiction comedy film was done in 2007 by Walt Disney studios during the time when they were struggling to get back on the animation dominant stream they enjoyed during the Disney Renaissance Era.

This movie did not make it big in the box office and neither was it a crowd pleaser and that is why you can guess there was no part two or any follow up to this movie.
Everything in the animation was kept low and sweet. What I mean was, the focus was on the story and not the inventions or the time travel. As the movie revolves around the life of an orphan who is struggling to fit into the time he finds himself.
We get to see the struggle of trying to fit in and the pain of finding someone or some people who finally get you and understand your plight.

The catchphrase of the movie “Keep Moving Forward” was taken from a Walt Disney Quote. The movie used the phrase in celebrating failure in preparation of the next trial that will either lead to another failure to celebrate until you finally become a success.

The movie plot is about a little boy in an orphanage who has a dream of being an inventor one day. His inventions and mistakes have been a trip wire for him getting adopted, but he continues and with a science contest coming up he believes this time he will finally get it right.

Things were going well until a little boy about his age shows up and claims he is from the future and is here to save him from the attacks and plans of the bowler hat guy.

The character in the movie, had his life touch that of many with his struggles and his failures, but in the end he was able to make everything better for not just himself, but the ones he cared about.


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