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Beverly Hills Cop II (1987)

Beverly Hills Cop II (1987)


Eddie Murphy

Directed by Tony Scott

Here is how you ruin a franchise.
Take a character that is smart, witty with no regard for the rules and turn that nob up to the loudest, then take everyone else in the movie then turn their nobs down.
Beverly Hills Cop 2 is so out of place and out of this world silly that it is impossible to believe that the makers were expecting to get the same critical acclaim they got from the first movie, but studios could care less about that.
If the movie makes money they will continue to make more parts.

Axel in this movie was like a GOD his IQ and foresight was incredible, add his witty loud mouth and you have an annoying character whose antics makes you wonder why did the writers not stick to the formula that worked in the first movie.

The movie kicks off with Axel (Eddie Murphy) getting dressed and feeling cool about himself as he continues to swindle the Detroit police department to live a life above his payroll.
The captain from Beverly Hills who was now a good friend to Axel was working on a case, while the new Chief of police had a political agenda where the Captain’s presence was a problem. The case he was working on got him shot and hospitalized which caused Axel to leave Detroit under false pretenses to get to Beverly Hills to solve the crime.
Along for the ride is Det. Billy Rosewood and Sgt. Taggart who are also trying to bring down the people behind their boss failed murder attempt.

The movie ended up being a financial success just like the first, but didn’t surpass the first film’s take in. On a budget of $20 million the movie raked in $300 million that was due to the high anticipation to see this movie as many expected the movie to be just as good as the first.

Other than murdering the Axel character, the movie’s direction was a lot of question at times I was wondering what the director (Tony Scott) was going for, a comedy action or drama action. Whichever it was, the movie was not doing so well in delivering the entertainment value you will expect.

Plans for a third part was put together because of the huge financial take the movie had, but the third part ended up not making as much as needed. There are talks that a forth Beverly Hills Cop is being put together, I do hope the movie will make the necessary impact needed to revive the joy we got from seeing the first Beverly Hills Cop.


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