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Bad Boys (1995)

Bad Boys (1995)


Martin Lawrence
Will Smith

Directed by Michael Bay

It is 1995 and Will Smith is making waves as a rapper and an actor, so he got paired with Martin Lawrence in a movie that will forever remain in the hearts of the children of the 90s. When the movie starts, and we get to see Will Smith play the rich single boy and Lawrence play the married medium wage character, we feel both could not be better cast for the role.

The feeling is registered when they had to switch sides in the movie, and it was hard to pass Lawrence off as the cool, rich, single player. Bad Boys is everything and then some when it comes to acting, passion, comedy and unbelievable lines that will remain in your head for years to come.

Bad Boys is an action comedy buddy cop movie that keeps giving, it starts with an introduction to the dream team of crime solving.
This Michael Bay movie has Lawrence as Marcus Burnett and Smith as Mike Lowrey, their job is to investigate $100 million of Mafia seized heroin, which was stolen from evidence. Most definitely it is suspected to be an inside job and internal affairs is threatening to shut down the entire department unless they recover the drugs.

Mike asked one of his exes to have her ear on the ground for newly found rich boys, the moment she does she took the job to be an escort. Her friend Julie (Téa Leoni) was crashing at hers and she decided to take Julie along. The one-man party turned to a murder scene where Max got killed and Julie happen to see who did it.

Now Julie contacted the police station hoping to speak to Mike, but Marcus picked the phone instead and pretends to be Mike to get Julie’s trust and from there the whole fun begins.

The movie was not a critical success, but a huge financial success which led to the production of a sequel, Bad Boys II (2003) which to me was a total waste of film reel.
This movie had some downsides, most of the time you get the feeling that you are seeing Lethal Weapon or Beverly Hills Cop and the action scenes like you will expect from Michael Bay, had too much firepower behind them and sometimes were too long for comfort.

Both Lawrence and Smith were starring in their own hit TV shows, Martin and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air respectively, when filming Bad Boys. Funny enough, Smith ended up being the big star after this, with Lawrence falling away.
Smith and Bay’s salary is one of the reasons there is a delay in us seeing Bad Boys for Life coming to the big screen, but that has been resolved. The new Bad Boys movie should be out in 2020.
They are also the reason it is taking long to produce, and we are seeing a change in schedules to make sure Sony can recoup the finances involved in the making of this movie.


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