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Bon Cop, Bad Cop 2 (2017)

Bon Cop, Bad Cop 2 (2017)


Patrick Huard
Colm Feore

Directed by Alain Desrochers

Bon Cop, Bad Cop 2 is packed with enough laughs and adventure that you will wish the movie dragged on some more. The actors have aged well since we last saw these buddy cops in 2006 (Bon Cop, Bad Cop 1) as they try to resolve a murder when a body is hanging on a sign post with one half in Quebec and the other in Ontario.
Not much have changed in the magical chemistry these two brings into this Canadian comedy. The movie direction is very odd as the comedy grew as the movie unwinds making you never wanting the movie to end. Like the first movie, the language is in both French and English.

It has been eleven years since these two worked as partners and both have remained friends still, but one case brought them working together as partners again and that case is what this movie is all about.

Martin Ward (Colm Feore) and David Bouchard (Patrick Huard) are Canadian police officers both on the same level in the first movie, but in this sequel Martin has been promoted to federal while David is still a provincial cop.
Both were investigating a car theft ring from different angles Martin coming in from the top trying to bust the ring’s garages hoping to catch their leader in the process. David instead, went undercover and has been undercover for a year, stealing cars and doing everything needed so that he can get close to the ring leader and arrest him.

On a bust of a garage Martin finds David while he was working undercover, he allowed David to escape so that David can win favor with the ring and get close to the man-in-charge.
It worked and soon, both started building a case and trying to find out why these guys are not dealing in anything major like drugs or guns, but instead choose to steal cars.

Their paths crossed with that of the FBI when they followed one of the men who came to the garage. This makes the two confused on why the United States is involved with the car ring thieves. Their further investigation led to them breaking into some form of terrorist act, which I will have to leave you to watch the movie to discover what it is all about.

While the first movie was focused on the culture difference between the French and the English Canadians, this movie is more about the Canadian and the United States of America’s relationship. As the movie cuts between the borders of the two countries.

I enjoyed this movie just as much as I enjoyed the first. A great sequel and both actors delivered a great performance regardless of the change in the movie’s focus.


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