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Anon (2018)

Anon (2018)


Clive Owen
Amanda Seyfried

Directed by Andrew Niccol

Netflix Anon wasted what initially seemed like a good idea, then it went into the archive of all the sci-fi crime drama movies you have seen and copied and pasted the things you loved and ruined it.
The movie is not just a boring waste of time, it is a total error and something I wish I could erase from my mind.

Here is the concept the plot is based on, in the future everyone’s eyes are not just for seeing, but we humans have been upgraded to record and keep clips of what we see. We are also connected to a database where we can see details of the people we see and can access our past recordings and share what we have kept.
When a crime is committed all the police must do is access the last recordings of the victim to see who the perpetrator was. Before we dive into more on this plot, let us dissect this concept.

The concept is cool, but the plot attached to it was lame and the idea of a future where everything you see can be seen is not original and they just took a good idea and made it downright stupid.
The movie steals the see what I have seen idea from 2011 episode of the Black Mirror "The Entire History of You".
Why it is easy to recall which episode it was stolen from is because other than Broadchurch the only other place I have seen the actress Jodie Whittaker was from that Black Water episode.
Why is Jodie Whittaker important you may ask, well she is playing the 13th Doctor and the first female incarnation of Doctor Who (my favorite show of all time). For Whovians like me I feel if the writers wanted to steal an idea that was a bad place to go steal from. The TV show does 100 times more justice to this concept than this movie even attempted to.

The plot attached to this concept was that there are hackers in this world who can hack your feed and edit your stored information. They can also delete stored information and erase your entire existence from the database.
Murders are being committed and the person behind these murders is also a hacker who is wiping out traces of his existence from the victims.

The worse part of this crap is, our lead (Sal a police officer played by Clive Owen) walks past one of these hackers (Anon played by Amanda Seyfried) on his way to work, before heading to a crime scene. At the scene accessing the victims feed they notice that it has been hacked.
They now decide they must trace down this hacker, there are many hackers who could have been guilty of this crime, but our people focused on only this Anon, for reasons they didn’t bother to inform or educate us on.

The actors didn’t even bother to deliver any form of class or professionalism in their performance so why should you bother on seeing this movie?


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