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Terminal (2018)

Terminal (2018)


Margot Robbie
Simon Pegg
Mike Myers

Directed by Vaughn Stein

Terminal is a noir thriller film that got away from itself. The whole idea of suspense and thrill is just in the mind of the writer. You can tell by the way the film goes, all the things that we witnessed must have been good on paper, as the movie feels like something that would have been an awesome book.
The movie is beyond dull and it gets to a point that when you start to see new twist and turns with some The Usual Suspect (1995) ideas, you start to wonder what this movie was supposed to be.
Then you get to end and discover the whole reason behind the plot and you ask yourself, “what the hell did I just watch?”

The movie for me was just a showcase for Margot Robbie’s talents. Yes, she did her best in the different characters she was to portray, but the movie which these talents were laid on did not make any attempt to deliver the needed background for us to relish every moment she was on.
The movie starts with a feeling, you get the noir sense and we see the eyes of the lead played by Margot Robbie. She is at a somewhat confession, where she meets with a man who assigns her to go do jobs for him, Robbie’s character was a hired assassin.

She had to let the man know she meant business and wanted to be the top person every time there is a task to be done. She showed her ability to be the number one, by taking care of the current number one.
She also had a favor to ask, she needed the man to find someone for her. She was looking for a man from her past.
The story kicks off as we meet a pair of another assassin. They were invited to come carryout a task also, a task they did not know about, but needed to wait to be informed.
There is someone behind all these arrangements and there is so many dark secrets at each turn of the movie among the characters.

Simon Pegg plays a former teacher in this movie who has a terminal illness and has no idea when death will come knocking. Then Mike Myers is also around playing a limpy, clumsy janitor.

The two parts I enjoyed in this movie were, when the lead actress and Simon Pegg were discussing his terminal illness and the best way to live your life when you know you are going to die soon. The second part that I enjoyed was when the movie took us on a ride down memory lane of the lead actress, it was the portrayal of Robbie that I must enjoyed.

Crappy film, not worth even mentioning that I saw it.


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