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Isle of Dogs (2018)

Isle of Dogs (2018)


Starring the voice of
Bryan Cranston
Edward Norton
Bill Murray
Jeff Goldblum

Directed by Wes Anderson

Isle of Dogs is an animation created not to stir up any form of emotions because the movie itself had no emotional side, neither is it supposed to make you think or plant any form of controversial view. The movie is a fictious idea that dogs at a time were into war with cat people.
Since everything in the above paragraph is true, why was this movie so depressingly boring and annoying. The movie stirred up emotions that were not supposed to be there, I have seen animations that I didn’t like and movies I will rather forget about, but nothing like this.
I just cannot understand what the whole idea of making this movie was about.

Isle of Dogs is a 2018 stop-motion animated comedy film written, produced and directed by Wes Anderson. Set in a dystopian near-future Japan. Here is a movie that depicts dogs as a breed of animals who communicate with each other in forms of human democracy. Now these dogs at a time way back when have grown and expanded to be mans best friend all over the world.
Then these cat people too also came to be, they hate dogs and were ready to do anything to get rid of them. So, they waged war on these dogs to eradicate them.

Then a child of one of the generals went against the rule of the day to eradicate the dogs and things went silent for a while and peace ruled. The cat people were not happy about this change of mind but kept quiet and were patient for centuries plotting and scheming to get to be in control.
When that time came, they struck they released some disease into the atmosphere, blamed it on the dogs by making them the carrier.
Then they were able to use this to gather support and decide to capture all the dogs and drop them on an island, a waste dumping ground so they can finally be rid of dogs.

The plot is so stupid I cannot believe a studio greenlit this. But they did and the movie was done and I can bet you if you do get to see this, there is a high possibility you will be as unhappy as I am now seeing it.
Is there anything good to say about the movie, I keep thinking to myself?
The only thing I can say about this movie that will be a positive is, you will possible not know when you fall asleep and the movie has ended.

Take you time to go catch other movies at the cinema, this one is a waste of money.


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