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Christopher Robin (2018)

Christopher Robin (2018)


Ewan McGregor
Hayley Atwell
Bronte Carmichael
and the voice of
Jim Cummings

Directed by Marc Forster

The amazing franchise of Winnie the Pooh and his friends never seem to get tiring to me. I have long been a fan of the silly old bear and I was happy Disney decided to do a life adaption of A.A. Milne book.

The CGI is awesome and Ewan McGregor was just classy as he always his. Jim Cummings who has been the voice behind the stuffed bear in the animations was called to come be the same voice here. It was to me added advantage hearing the voice I have longed associated with Pooh, reprise his role as the voice behind the stuffed bear in this life adaptation.

Before we dive into the plot, it is worth noting that this story is not as soul searching or on the same level as the ones of the animations.
To be honest, Disney has mastered the stories in the animations because there is little limitation. All they have to do is think it and then draw it out as they have thought it to be. But in the life adaptation you can see the certain constraints they faced. The stuffed animals looked a little different from the ones we have come to know in the animations.
Regardless of the story not being in the same level as the animations it is some wholesome fun. The Disney magic will have you in smiles as you coast through this movie with ease.

The movie starts with a brief party as our stuffed friends are doing a send forth for Christopher Robin who is heading to boarding school.
After the sad goodbyes we get to see Christopher grow to be a fine gentleman who has left his childhood behind. He (Ewan McGregor) is now married with a daughter of his own and is no longer fun. The whole struggle of trying to get ahead and make enough money for the family has Christopher distancing himself from his family. Worse still he is finding it hard to connect with his wife and he is losing his young daughter’s love as she is getting tired of always trying to please him.

After a planned family get away to a place of his childhood was disturbed by his official commitment at work, his wife and daughter went ton their own.
While Christopher is trying to navigate his official duties in the hundred acre woods, Pooh wakes up and discovers that his friends are missing.

He decided to go visit Christopher something he doesn’t do, but it seems he has to as he cannot find his friends. Pooh goes to the human world and meets Christopher who is struggling to understand how someone he believes to have been an imagination could be before him. Pooh fills him in on the missing Piglet, Rabbit, Eeoyore and others. Christopher is trying to get Pooh out of his life, but Pooh still needs his help to find the others.

The whole movie is amazing and funny. I enjoyed myself thoroughly and you will too if you go see this with your family.


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