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Smallfoot (2018)

Smallfoot (2018)


Starring the voices of
Channing Tatum
James Corden

Directed by Karey Kirkpatrick

Smallfoot is an animation for kids. The animation tale and plot is so set that only children will enjoy it, which in the end made the movie actually sad for me. The animation is from animator of the highly successful franchise Despicable Me (2010)’s Sergio Pablos.

This for me is an apple falling far from its tree of origin because if you look back at the other works Pablos has been involved. From his time in Disney with animations like Tarzan (1999) and many others to Minions (2015) and Despicable Me 3 (2017), this is shit in comparison.

The very annoying thing present in this animation is how they wasted so much time breaking into songs. Yeap!!! This is a musical animation that breaks into songs when there is nothing to fill the emptiness of bad scripting. The movie plot is a reversal of the idea of looking for Bigfoot. Many people are out there looking for Bigfoot believing that it exist, well imagine the idea of Bigfoot looking for you. The movie is about Yetis which could be Bigfoot or Abominable Snowman believing that Smallfoot (humans) exist.

The lead in this movie is Migo (Channing Tatum) who is excited about the idea of being a gong ringer. In the world of the Yeti the gong ringer is the person in charge of waking up the sun.
Migo’s family has been tasked with the job of waking the sun. Which are done by shooting the Yeti at a gong far away which he is supposed to strike with his head.

One day when Migo was doing his gong prep with his father, he got distracted when he was in the air and landed way far off. There he witnessed a plane crash landing on the snowy mountain. He went to investigate and there saw a human which he calls Smallfoot and runs off to tell everyone.

The problem is that in the Yeti’s society they all follow the teachings of the stone which says that Smallfoot don’t exist and other made up stuff.
The chief of the town and the keeper of the stones tries to disprove Migo. But his daughter believes Migo and takes him to her layer where she has formed a small club.
The club are believers in the existence of Smallfoot as they have many human items to prove.

Migo and the crew of believers decide to make their way down the mountain to see if humans exist.

On the human side there is this wildlife enthusiast Percy who is trying to capture a great footage of made up tales to get great TV ratings. He was the one that comes across Migo and some weird things happen between both characters as they form a friendship, which could unite both worlds.

The animation is so not classy, and the plot very low brow, that I cannot in good conscience say you can go see this movie.


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