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Night School (2018)

Night School (2018)


Kevin Hart
Tiffany Haddish

Directed by Malcom Lee

The night school is a cool movie. I’m not much of a fan of Hart’s kind of comedy, but this drama setup was fun to watch. He playing a struggling man trying to get his life in order so as to keep his life in order was just epic to see.

What I enjoyed most is the way the movie did not dive in the way you would have expected when the characters were being introduced. The movie had some characters that were really over the top, but they all just played well with the narrative the movie had to deliver.

The movie plot is about a man named Teddy Walker (Kevin Hart). Teddy drops out of school when he discovers he struggles when he has to concentrate in tests. He decided to take his life in his hands and make it without his GED.

Years later he becomes a successful salesman at a barbecue grill store. He is also in a relationship with a wealthy woman named Lisa. In order to keep his status up with her he develops schemes to make it possible to keep up with her lifestyle. Teddy was living way above his means, but he was in love and wanted to marry Lisa.

After a good proposal turned his office into a fire hazard, Teddy was out of work. His boss bailed on the company and Teddy now has to get another job, while lying to Lisa that everything is great.

His best friend Marvin offers him a job in his company if Teddy can get a GED. Teddy believing that he can charm his way into getting anything he wants starts to front the job title. He convinces himself that he can get his old school to give him a certificate without doing the work.

He shows up at the school to discover that someone he once bullied who hates him is the new principal. That was not the only obstacle, the Night School teacher (Tiffany Haddish) was also not falling for any of Teddy’s charms.

Teddy now faced with the problem of doing the work, still wants to find a shortcut to getting his GED.

The movie never goes the way you would expect which is cool and entertaining. Directed by Malcolm Lee (Spike Lee’s brother) and his last film which he did with Tiffany Haddish Girls Trip (2017) was also cool to see.

The movie is cool, the characters were fun and all is great if you can take your time to see it.


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