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Psychokinesis (2018)

Psychokinesis (2018)


Ryu Seung-ryong
Shim Eun-kyung
Park Jung-min

Directed by Yeon Sang-ho

I have seen many superhero movies, so have you and I can bet you have not see any like this. We see the heroes beginning and the difficulty they have in getting to master their powers, but this movie took that to a new level.

Instead of the hero looking for some tights and jumping off buildings to some out of place fun, why not a hero with no clue? That is what this South Korean science fiction is about, a man who gets powers and has no clue what to do with it.
The movie’s comedic moments and action scenes is nothing in comparison to its story. The weight of the tale that has this man all tied up trying to save his daughter is poetry. When his ex-wife was killed in a raid on his daughter’s chicken shop you would expect him to step in and be a dad. The man was so busy trying to find a way to make money from his new powers instead of trying to build a relationship with his daughter.

The plot is well written that it exploits the dramatic. Many touching moments and there were times you get scared for Ru-mi’s life as her father is a selfish jerk.

The plot shows us Ru-mi a successful cook, so popular that she even got a segment on TV praising her cooking. Ru-mi is successful because of her hard work and her mother’s perseverance to make something out of their lives when Ru-mi’s dad walked out on them.
Like I said above there was a raid on Ru-mi’s shop as the complex which her shops reside has been taken over by a rich co-operation. They are trying to get Ru-mi and the others to leave, but they are being stubborn. During a raid, Ru-mi’s mother in trying to protect her daughter gets killed.

Far away we see Ru-mi’s dad, a good for nothing security guard. He drinks water from a stream at the time when a meteoroid hit the earth near the stream contaminating it. He discovers he has psychokinesis by some freak accident, but immediately gets a call from his daughter. Note, he hasn’t seen or spoken to her in I want to believe is over a decade. She informs him of the death of his ex-wife. He goes to be with her and tries to get her to forsake her fight against the co-operation in order to protect her life.
She refused and he decided to stay behind, trying his best to monetize his new found gift.

During another raid, he helped his daughter and the other occupants with his powers, but the praises got into his head. He starts to plan other things with them, how they can fight the co-operation instead of talking them to vacate, as they are there illegally.
His inability to know what to do at every turn, keeps driving a wedge between him and his daughter. Also there are some other crazy people this movie has packaged to make this movie an all round entertaining ride. The plot has you on different ends on what is going on. Are you for the illegal occupants protesting the sale of their complex, or the co-operation trying to take over their property with reckless abandon for the safety of others.

How this amazing Korean movie ends is left for you to see, I can bet you cannot put together the surprise ahead when you get to see this movie.

It is cool, great, touching and all round entertaining I give this a six out of ten.


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