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Honey, I Blew Up the Kid (1992)

Honey, I Blew Up the Kid (1992)


Rick Moranis
Marcia Strassman
Lloyd Bridges
Robert Oliveri
John Shea

Directed by Randal Kleiser

Here Disney decided to throw out the single neighbor and settle for a ton of people.
I assume the executives looked at the financial proceeds that got from the first film and believe bigger will be better.
They must have been like – lets get rid of a small family problem and make everything bigger. Other than Rick Moranis character making his last born son grow big from a child who was like 3 feet tall, to 7 feet then 14 and then 50 – Disney did likewise in their assumed steady growth in the movies depiction of happenings.
The first movie cost $18 million this one cost $40 million to produce and you can see where everything went to in this movie, the cast were more the special effects needed to cover all the places the child went to were more and then we had helicopters, news coverage, destruction of property and more cast. This movie was way too big for such a small tale. The bigger will be better idea was not cool on screen either because the movie was nowhere as good as the previous film.

After the event of the first film we see the family two years after the day with mum and dad having a more stable relationship. The issue on the horizon is Dad and work. Wayne is having issues with one of the managers who seem to be interested in making the new item on the horizon making stuff big work without Wayne.
They are running into some challenges at work and Wayne who now has a new baby in the picture a two-year-old Adam who seems to love breaking things as he explores his surroundings, wanted to know what was gong on.

Wayne breaks into his lab at work to see what the challenge was in the new make big ray that the company is so invested in. While testing the machine on Adam’s favorite stuffed animal, things didnt go as planned. Adam wanting his toy back crawled/walked to where the bunny was placed and as his father was absent mindlessly focusing on something else and Adam got hit by the ray.

Things didn’t take effect until Adam found himself in front of anything emitting electromagnetic flux, which made him bigger than normal. Things got worse when they got home and have to deal with mum.

The movie was not a critical and commercial success like the first film, making over $70 million in the box office making Disney not risk the third movie in the franchise on a theatrical release, but instead a direct-to-video.


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