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Bulworth (1998)

Bulworth (1998)


Warren Beatty
Halle Berry
Don Cheadle

Directed by Warren Beatty

Here is the irony, if you get to watch the 1980 first series of the Tv Show Yes, Minister you kind of get a glimpse of the political climate in Britain under this Brexit nonsense. Then if you get to watch this 1998 movie Bulworth you get a glimpse of the political climate in the USA. The Democrats cannot seem to get their act together to handle Trump, and how people love it when someone (Trump) says his mind and goes off record. It is safe to say the comedy of the 80s and 90s predicted the chaos of the present political climate. That aside Bulworth is a movie that will rob many people the wrong way, but for the more discerning crowd who want to be entertained by some political comedy – It is a cool movie to see.

The acting of Warren Beatty as Bulworth is what is most captivating as we see him go through a phase of nervous breakdown to losing his mind and then finding peace for it all to then end.
The movie does not waste time in introducing the chaos ahead. It starts with Jay Bulworth alone and crying because he hated his life. He has lost favor with the voters and his fake marital life where both couple see other people doesn’t seem to matter anymore.
Feeling suicidal he decided to do something about it, negatively. He negotiated an insurance on his life for $10 million which he said to be paid to his only child his daughter. He was able to get this high claim by selling the insurance companies his vote on some legislative. Knowing suicide will nullify the insurance claim, he then contacts a man who can help make this insurance claim for his daughter doable.

He paid for his own assassination and set the date for it. Unknown to him, his life was about to take another turn. Since he had nothing else to live for, he decided to live life. Jay Bulworth decided to enjoy his last days, going out and speaking the truth about what he feels. The problem with this was, the speaking the truth part. He exposed so much about how the government work and how the government cares less about the people and care more about the money, the co-operations and lobbyist.

He soon started to feel better about himself and here is the problem, there is a hit man trying to kill him.

The fun in the movie is how he keeps trying not to get killed and still go on TV and speak his mind on what is going on in the government.

Bulworth is a movie fun to see, for everything it brings to the table.


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