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Universal Soldier (1992)

Universal Soldier (1992)


Jean-Claude Van Damme
Dolph Lundgren
All Walker

Directed by Roland Emmerich

Coolest thing about the 90s were the action movies. They seem to have been a never ending rate to their production and we had so many action heroes to choose from. Universal Soldier falls under one of those movies of the 90s that was meant to be seen with such eyes.

If you see the movie now, you can get carried away being annoyed with the science and the way the plot just manages to skip things and go straight to the action.
Hey, thanks to the level of intelligence and insight that we all have now, this movie cannot be made today. To add to the possible annoying science we have such acting and lines that can be characterized as below par by any standard. All that said, this movies all around action is what keeps it as one of the movie from the 90s that you gotta see, during the 90s.

The movie plot starts with two of our leads Luc (Jean-Claude Van Damme) and Scott (Dolph Lundgren) as US army in the Vietnam war. Luc is on his last tour and is looking forward to going home, but his sergeant Scott, has lost it mentally. Scott is killing everyone including members of his own platoon calling them traitors.
When Luc faces up to him trying to calm Scott down, Scott orders him to kill some innocent Vietnamese which Luc refuses. Scott killed them and he and Luc faced up which ended in the death of both.

In the present day we see both them, now a member of an elite force called Universal Soldiers. This force consist of dead MIA soldiers brought to life by some weird science and made to follow orders. They are deployed on impossible missions for the living, which they triumph.
During one of such mission Luc had memory flashes, which caused him to not respond to orders, he looks back at Scott remembering what happened more than two decades ago.

The Army is proud of their Universal Soldiers and when one of the press persons (Veronica played by Ally Walker) decided to dig further she gets caught. The army sent Luc, Scott and other soldiers to apprehend them. Soon Scott starts to play out the events before his death, he shoots the camera man, Luc too started to play out the events before his death he attacks Scott and runs away with the lady.

Before long, the whole Universal Soldier program was a mess with Scott going rogue and Luc trying to get home and also save the lady.

Well, that’s the plot. It is not the best of plots, but the action and run was what made this movie memorable and fun.
Many other useless sequels were done after this and I stand my ground saying they were useless.


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