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The Out-of-Towners (1999)

The Out-of-Towners (1999)


Steve Martin
Goldie Hawn

Directed by Sam Weisman

The screenplay is very similar to the 1970 original of the same name except that it starts slower than the original and it could not keep pace with it. The whole train ride in the original was removed and we got instead a car drive that meant nothing. The chemistry between Steve Martin and Goldie Hawn is nothing compared to that of Jack Lemmon and Sandy Dennis. The acting of Sandy as a wife facing a difficult time was amusing to see than Goldie Hawn depiction of the same character.

This 1999 version also relied on some physical mishaps in an attempt to drive home the comedy, but they were in the end a waste. It is hard to compare both movies because the first movie was more interested in the dynamics between Jack Lemmon and Sandy Dennis, while here the actors failed to replicate the same chemistry.

The movie had a different ending to the original, so get ready for a ride that ended differently. Which I wonder why they changed the idea of the original where things never stopped getting worse than it was until the end. Our couple Henry (Martin) and Nancy Clark (Hawn) were heading to New York for a job interview for Henry. Henry has lost his job in Ohio and since their two children are now adults there was nothing for him there in Ohio. He didn’t tell his family his recent bad luck, but felt he can wing it. He tells them the interview in New York is for a job promotion and relocation to New York.

Here is how the couple get to New York. Only Henry was going at first, he had a plan and going by himself will make it easy for his lie to flow. Nancy, feeling bored of her life and current situation decided to sneak on the plane with him. Her idea was a trip to New York for the two will reignite something for their marriage.

The trip was a disaster as the plane was rerouted to Boston. Upon getting off in Boston they realized that their luggage is lost. They decided to head to their hotel, but their delay in Boston caused them to loose their booking. They get mugged at gunpoint, get involved in a get away robbery and they found out that their daughter has maxed out their credit card.

Things didn't get better when Henry get arrested and missed his meeting. Also add to it that he had to reveal to Nancy that he has lost his job in Ohio and this New York job interview is a do or die affair.

The movie was a commercial and critical failure and I do not see any reason for anyone to bother seeing this movie.


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