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The Hunt (2020)

The Hunt (2020)


Betty Gilpin
Emma Roberts
Ethan Suplee
Hilary Swank

Directed by Craig Zobel

The Hunt is one of those movies you only get to see because someone else saw it and recommended it. The movie is fun and sort of funny, I enjoyed the way the movie played out the first thirty minutes, where you are left trying to figure out who the lead in the movie is. When you finally get to see her, you begin to wonder, why in the hell will these people decide to pick someone like her in their game?

The movie has a final fight scene that is just sweet to behold, if for anything that is enough reason to see the movie.

The Hunt is one of those movies that will fly pass the radar of many because when it comes to fantastic acting, none existed. The story line is basic and the gore is pretty much what you will expect in such movies like this.

The Hunt is one of those movies you will be shocked someone will recommend it. Which is easy to understand why when you see it. Based on the first thirty minutes of the movie, and the way the lead was acting, you are never sure how the movie was going to end. It’s form of thrill and excitement is how it will leave you guessing what will happen next, and when those things do happen it sometimes ends up funny.

Here is the plot, a group of rich people decide that they want to hunt. They chose their prey to be human. Now at first you see the humans they have chosen and you believe it must have been at random because none seem to know who the other is.

As the movie develops we see the hunt begin with many of the prey dying mercilessly. Soon you discover that it is even hard to trust anyone you see in this movie because they may be part of the hunters.

One of the prey decided that she is not going to die easily and she turned the table on the ones hunting her, she did so well enough with the aid of some of the prey with her.
One person at the handle of all this craziness is a lady called Athena (Hilary Swank). She planted herself as the final boss at the end of the game, the last battle for anyone who survives the other bosses along the way.

I can easily recommend the hunt for viewing, it is such a viewing pleasure. It is available for digital viewing, sad the movie did not get the time to stay up in the cinemas because of the current pandemic plaguing the world.


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