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Altered Carbon: Resleeved (2020)

Altered Carbon: Resleeved (2020)


Directed by Takeru Nakajima & Yoshiyuki Okuda

Altered Carbon: Resleeved is a full-length animated anime, based on the Netflix original cyberpunk web TV series Altered Carbon. The TV series itself is based on the 2002 novel of the same title by Richard K. Morgan.

This animation is way better than the second series of Altered Carbon the TV show, and it is set before the happenings of the first series of the TV series. Can it be a standalone watch without seeing the TV series? I do not think so, they try to make it like so with enough explanation to what led to the present situation of Takeshi, but there is not enough info to watch this animation without feeling like something is missing.

The story is easy to follow, if you have seen the first series. The ending makes you know there is still more adventure they can pack in before this anime meets up with the first series of the TV Series. The fight scenes are bloody, intense and fun. The animation is cool, but doesn't play well when the fight scenes turn bloody.

To give you the plot of this show, we have to dive a little into the plot of the first series. The world of Altered Carbon is in the future, in this future people have the ability to live for hundreds of years. Their consciousness can be transferred from one body to another.
There is this device called Stack, where the consciousness is placed. This Stack contains the person's memories and experiences. This Stack can then be placed in a body, which are now called Sleeves. Humans have not only find away to defeat death, but there have also overcome the stars taken over planets and transforming them to places where humans live.

Now in this future which is like in the 2300s, these sleeves can be augmented to be faster, stronger and even to be part robotic. Altered Carbon focuses on a man named Takeshi Kovacs. Without giving out too much information about Takeshi so as not to ruining anyone who wants to see the TV series, let us dive into this animation.

Takeshi has been sleeved into another body, with the aid of a friend who wants him to investigate the Yakuza as well as protect a young girl. The girl is the tattoo artist of the Yakuza and she believes her life is in danger there in the Yakuza. She tries to run away from that life to the man who just sleeved Takeshi, when her path Takeshi crossed. He saved her and while there were leaving together she runs away from him and into the hands of the CTAC a mercenary unit. There they were attached when the girl (Gena) in the unit along with Takeshi were the only ones standing. Both decided to join hands to protect the girl and take her back to the Yakuza base.
It was there, that we discover there is more to this girls tattooing than she is telling us and there is more to Gena , than we know.

Like I said this is more like it when it comes to Altered Carbon the first series of the TV show.

The first series focuses on what happened in the book to which it was based, where Takeshi acted like a detective to solve a case. When he was brought back after his stack has been shelved for years.

The first series was magnificently done, keeping quite close to the book’s story line. Much like in this animation Takeshi was calm and in control. In the second series he was all out of control, Takeshi of the second series was aggressive, impulsive and angry at everyone and everything for no reason. They left the whole detective thing behind and gave us a show so deep into sci-fi than needed. Then a Takeshi so emotionally out of control than you would expect a man of his caliber to be.

This animation is worth delving into if you liked the first series of Altered Carbon.


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