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Bloodshot (2020)

Bloodshot (2020)


Vin Diesel
Eiza González
Sam Heughan
Toby Kebbell
Guy Pearce

Directed by David S. F. Wilson

Bloodshot the movie was something I was looking forward to see. I was hoping a new path away from the Marvel and D.C. dominated universe was something that will gain ground and we can have a third player. Do not let the studio fool us to believing that the current corona virus is the reason this movie tanked, the movie tanked in the box office because it was just not good. If you try to compare this to anything done by D.C. and Marvel in their cinematic universe lately, it does not even hold a candle to any of them.

The character created was too much for the story with which this movie placed him and the action scenes were boring and the whole incident when played out in full, was a total waste of time.

The writers tried to start from the comic books beginning and give us a back story to Bloodshot, a way of setting up the character for more movies. The story they came up with, was too small and weak to carry the character Bloodshot. Meaning, the story did not make his existence meaningful enough to want to see another movie about him.

When it comes to the supporting cast of this movie, I wished they all got a bullet so I did not have to see them too often. Vin Diesel on the other hand was not bad as the lead.

In a nutshell, Bloodshot is about a U.S. Marine named Ray (Vin Diesel) who was killed, alongside his wife. He was brought back to life by a company named Rising Spirit Tech. They specialize in developing cybernetic enhancements for disabled soldiers. Ray’s body was donated for the experiment of bring him back from the dead. Which was achieved using some special nanite technology which also made Ray, indestructible and very strong. After some flashbacks, Ray remembers who killed him and his wife and he seeks out revenge, it was there the movie went bizarre.

Here is a character who is just seeing life for the first time and being told about the nanotech in his body and all of a sudden without any information about his abilities he is able to magical things. He discover he can download how to fly a plane and do then fly it, all this he did by hacking into some directory, from his head.
He can track a person by pinging phones all these he did from the nanobots in his head. Again, remember he did these without being told how or that he could.
He was able to hack networks and databases to find who is protecting whom. Link things together to discover locations, I was beginning to wonder, maybe I slept off and missed something that must have happened in the boring intro to this movie’s beginning.

Without giving up much, there is more to Ray’s revenge missions than he knows and very early in the movie we discover this.

Bloodshot is one movie I will not be seeing again and I beg anyone who has not to not bother.


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