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Freaks: You’re One of Us (2020)

 Freaks: You’re One of Us (2020)




Finnlay Berger
Thelma Buabeng
Gisa Flake

Directed by Felix Binder


The best definition for disappointment is this Germain film Freaks: You’re One of Us. I watched it with a lot of expectation although not expecting it to be like an MCU film or even a DCEU, but something close to The Old Guard. The movie seems to have so much potential at the start, but instead delve into a wasteful plot of two people with powers just being a nuisance to themselves and everyone.

This German movie would have made more sense if the director did not focus solely on turning this supposed sci-fi thriller to some sort of romantic jealous flick. The acting started to take a dive long before the plot did, with only the leading lady holding her own.

Not much to see in terms of special effects, it was too obvious when she was messing up bikes that the movie did not have enough budget. The camera just zoomed in on her face and zoomed out when she was done, very annoying.

The movie’s plot starts with the introduction of Wendy, a little girl who seems to be in the mix of some tragedy. A lady comes to get her and later in the future that little girl is now married with a son of her own. Their home is facing foreclosure due to lack of payment and she is seeking promotion at her office so as to make more money.

She was approached by a homeless man who told her she was special and that if she wants to see how special she was, she is to stop taking the pills given to her from childhood.

You can guess, she did and noticed she has powers, it is from here the movie went silly. She approached a work mate who is also using the pills (somehow she knew, I missed how she knew that) and she told him to stop. There was a funny attraction going on between the two and it was just annoying and seemed baseless. From there the movie became so silly I felt like puking.

You can catch this movie on Netflix and do not expect to be blown away. It seems like a lazy attempt to make a superhero movie, with an ending that is more ridiculous than I guess the director thought it will be.

I do wish I did not see this movie, so I cannot recommend that you should. Probably go watch The Old Guard again if you feel like seeing a superhero movie not done by Marvel or DC.


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