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Super 8 (2011)

Super 8


Kyle Chandler
Elle Fanning
Joel Courtney
Gabriel Basso
Noah Emmerich

Directed by J.J. Abrams

If you've delayed in watching this Sci-Fi flick, then you are behind in all that's good this summer.

Super 8, is a classical Sci-fi movie, where all the alien wants, is just to go home.

Written and directed by J.J. Abrams, and produced by Spielberg himself, Super 8 is a guaranteed eye opener to the wonders that can be done, without using A-list actors.
The director’s projection of the movie, will keep you glued to your sit, as all the excitement starts to unveil. The suspense of the movie is killing and the drama is overwhelming entertaining.

Set in the late 70’s, the director found a way to keep you guessing how four (4) kids are going to succeed in an unimaginable quest.

The movie takes your mind back to Spielberg’s movies in the 70’s and 80’s, and as he did for E.T, who just wanted to go home, so did our alien, he just wanted to go home.

The continuity in this movie is an example for others to follow. How to keep, two events going in such a way that they tie together and separate again and still keep the audience attention without losing them on the way till all the events summed up to one.

Plot: Six kids come together to make a movie about zombies, when they witness a train crash, this led to a trail of events where you are watching these kids go about making their movies and the deputy of the town (since the Sheriff was nowhere to be found), trying his best to investigate what caused the crash and what it was all about, because the Air Force seems all too interested in this crash and are being to secretive for it to be just a mere crash.

Things took a turn for the worse when people starts to go missing, and electronic gadget and car engines starts to vanish, while all this is going on our band of kids are still hard at making their movie.

Then it happens one of them gets taking by the alien, and four of the remaining five decides to go save their missing comrade. The fifth guy reason for not going in the mission that could mean the end of their lives was, and I quote:

“I wanna live okay”

So our four heroes, joined by a stoned driver throw caution in the wind to go save their friend.

The visual effect of the movie is nice and at the end while the credit is going on we get to watch a 5 mins clip of the movie our band of six was making.

Will advice you go see this movie and not be taken back by the name, in the end, the got to finish making their film.


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