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Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard (2021)

Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard (2021)




Ryan Reynolds

Samuel L. Jackson

Salma Hayek

Antonio Banderas

Morgan Freeman

Directed by Patrick Hughes

Like the first movie, get ready for some impossible things happening. Explosions, fire, shooting everywhere and our protagonist not getting hit with anything deadly. Talking of sequel’s this movie seems to be cut from the same branch as the first, with sexually perverse conversations, some humor here and there plus two men who seem to have some admiration for one another fight off the mushy stuff. Safe to say even though this movie is not as manageable as the first, if you liked the first film with its weak plot and cliché there is a great chance you will like this as well.

I guess there must be a market for movies such as this, which never try to make any sense at all, just action everywhere with sexual humor up and down.

Then the lone soldier wanting to put Greece back on the map by using a weapon of mass destruction to mess up Europe. This revenge for Greece no longer being economically strong seems to be missing some key points. His thought that bringing down Europe will bring Greece back to the center of things is not in any economic classes that I know of.

After the incidents of the first movie Michael (Ryan Reynolds) is having a difficult time moving on with his life. His time being a bodyguard to Kincaid (Samuel L. Jackson), seem to have scared him and messed up his triple-A status as a bodyguard. If you recall in the first film there was a slight triple-A bodyguard obsession which was funny. Here it was just like, can I skip this and get to the main plot. Also i do not get it, we are supposed to notice that the therapist was tired of Michael’s obsession with his triple-A and Kincaid shit. She was trying to get rid of him and he the bodyguard, who is supposed to be on alert and at one time in the movie said he can tell from twenty signs when someone is lying failed to notice that. That was not the only production hitch, I noticed some editing errors. First Sonia was behind Michael when he was preaching no killing, then the screen actually skipped to her not being there. Anyways, the bad guy (Antonio Banderas) wants to shit on Europe. There is this American misfit who is the sum of every stupid annoying American cop rolled into one who seems to be the only one interested in bring down the bad guy. They even added some Lt. Harris the antagonist from Police Academy characteristics into this guy.

His informant just got killed thanks to the three amigos (Michael, Darius and Sonia) so he kidnaps them and tells them they will work for him in getting some drives or go to jail. As you can guess things do not go smoothly, because who gives money to trigger happy criminals with anger issues and gets a boy-scout to watch over them, this dumb American cop that's who. So our three amigos are now somehow charged with saving Europe.

Ryan Reynolds is a fantastic person to see on screen and in this movie he was just amazing as Ryan Reynolds could be, but the story of this movie just did not match up to his talent. Salma Hayek seems to be the one tugging his strings in this movie, while in the first Samuel L. Jackson was.

In the end, the movie is just as the first was if that is something you like seeing, here is the part 2 no one asked for.


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