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The Boss Baby: Family Business (2021)

The Boss Baby: Family Business (2021)




Alec Baldwin

James Marsden

Amy Sedaris

Ariana Greenblatt

Directed by Tom McGrath

I thought the creation of all these streaming platforms will mean content war. I expected it to force all the big studios and streaming platform to deliver the best of the best, but what has actually happened is so many half baked contents. This movie for instance appears to be a struggle for thought, like the writer and director were forced to come up with a sequel with little material to work on. The movie felt like, (quoting Bilbo Baggins) “...butter spread on too much bread.” They just took all the ideas they could find from every family based Hollywood movie you know and just merged it together.

The movie will be colorful and eventful for little children with enough humor to keep them entertained, because unlike you they will not be invested in the story to which everything else is based. I was not much of a fan of the first movie, and this has not helped.

The story continues thirty-years after the first movie. Tim and Ted are now grown up and Tim is a stay at home dad of two equally amazing daughters Tabitha and baby Tina. We get early on that Tabitha is very intelligent and does not seem to be able to bond with her dad as she used to when she was younger. She seems to be looking up to her uncle Ted, who is now a rich and successful business man.

Tim’s stories of the events of the first movie are seen as a result of an overactive imagination and one night he hears something coming from Tina’s room. He goes into Tina’s room to discover that Tina is a Boss Baby like Ted was in the first movie. She tells him that she is on a mission to discover what is going on in a local school to which Tabitha attends. She further employs Tim to call Ted so they can embark on this adventure together. One way Tina was able to get Ted to come to their home, having grown now he does not remember what happened when he and Tim were younger. After Tina and Tim jugged his memory, both Ted and Tim were made into babies via a magic drink which will last for 48 hours. Their task was to infiltrate the school and discover what the school proprietor is up to.

Ted and Tim have grown apart through the years and we watch as they try to work things out and also carry out their mission.

Hearing that there are plans for a third movie did not have me jumping for joy, I just hope this time they will have better script and do a better job than this.


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