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Here Today (2021)

Here Today (2021)



Billy Crystal

Tiffany Haddish

Directed by Billy Crystal

Only ventured to see this movie because Billy Crystal’s name was all over it. Not only did he star in it, he co-wrote and co-produced the film, plus directing it. The chemistry between him and Tiffany Haddish plays hard on this being the fun loving joy. This movie is funny, heartwarming and if you are not careful it would make you shed a tear. Here Today is a comedy-drama movie about a popular well established comedy writer who is suffering from dementia and is hiding it from everyone. The magic of this movie is watching their unplanned meeting, turn into a friendship which turned out to be the one thing Charlie (Crystal) needed.

The plot starts with a feeling that there is something wrong with Charlie, whose wife is late. We get invited to a flash back scene where he is being asked to identify himself. Charlie at present is working on a popular show and even though he is not heading the writing staff, or contributing much to the show his input and experience is what he brings to the table. He was to have lunch with someone who won him at an auction. It was there he met Emma (Haddish) who came to the lunch after stealing her ex’s ticket. She does not know who Charlie is, but knows her ex worships him and sees him as his idol, and wanted to deny him the privilege.

At the lunch after introducing each other and explaining how they both got there, Emma had to be rushed to the hospital because she suffered an allergic reaction. Charlie had to pay the bills out-of-pocket because she did not have insurance and Emma promised to pay him back in installment. It was unplanned visits to deliver her payments in batches that led to them forming a friendship (not a romantic one), where she became the first person outside his doctors to know he has dementia. We get to see how the family takes the friendship and watch as Charlie’s condition gets worse.

I don’t have to talk about the acting, because everyone played to the power of their person, which made them fit so well for their roles. I guess that’s the power of good casting, the plot of the movie is well written not to twist and turn you here and there. You are watching as the lines fall into place as the people around Charlie come to understand his challenges.

The movie is easy to recommend for comedy-drama lovers, and also fans of either Crystal or Haddish.


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