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Space Jam: A New Legacy (2021)

Space Jam: A New Legacy (2021)





LeBron James

Don Cheadle

Khris Davis

Sonequa Martin-Green

Directed by Malcolm D. Lee

This is just as good as a bad b-movie, it is boring and horrid. In summary: The movie tries all possible ways of producing family love feelings with the hope of pulling our tears. Now with bad acting, bad directing and a useless script what you finally get is a cringy movie that adds up to a bad b-movie.

This movie changed my perspective of the first Space Jam movie back in 96. I have a new found respect for Michael Jordan’s acting and thanks to his crap the old Space Jam is now a classic. I felt Space Jam ‘96 had a not so good story line, but wait until you see this one.

Twenty-one minutes in and the whole “Hey Siri! can you let us out of her please” scene was such bad acting, bad writing and chaotic directing, that I knew I was in it. My money has just caught fire and gone up in smoke.

One thing this movie has over Space Jam ‘96 is the graphics.

The new Space Jam movie is a standalone sequel to the Space Jam ‘96. Like the first Space Jam, the whole point of a basketball game is useless.

LeBron James seems to be into handheld games as a child, but grew up to be the man we know him today. His son seem to be just like the father, into handheld games and even designed one of his own to showcase at the upcoming E3 event. LeBron wants his son Dom, to be a good basketball player like he is and wants him to go to basketball camp which causes a rift between the two as the E3 event and the camp were on the same weekend.

Back in Warner Bros, they seem to have left control and management of the huge Time Warner company to an AI who calls himself King Al G Rhythm (Don Cheadle). Al G wanted to become famous and based on his calculations if he can get to work with LeBron he can make this happen. He came up with an idea termed Warner 3000, where they can digitize LeBron into any movie or role they want. LeBron passed on the idea and that hurt the feelings of Al G. He captures Dom and LeBron into his ServerVerse (digitizing them in) and plans to keep LeBron there if LeBron was unable to beat him in a basketball game, which will be shown to the world. Al holds Dom hostage to make sure LeBron agrees. Then he dumps LeBron into the Tune’s verse to go recruit players for the upcoming basketball match between the two.

In summary don’t see this movie it is not worth your time or money.


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