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The Tomorrow War (2021)

 The Tomorrow War (2021)




Chris Pratt

Yvonne Strahovski

J. K. Simmons

Betty Gilpin

Directed by Chris Laird

(Contains Spoilers)

This is not the best time travel movie there is, hell it will not be in numerous people's top twenty, but it is watchable, but in the end very forgettable. The main challenge in the movie is when everything falls into place to save the future. At this point the movie decided to ditch the seriousness for some unneeded nonsensical dump on other countries and mambo jumbo being thrown into the air. Yes Hollywood, we get it. If the world is about to end, the U.S.A will be the one to come save us.

The movie does have its holes the way all time travel movies do. If James (Chris Pratt) being the solution to the world’s problem, then his daughter’s future would not have been bad. But then again, maybe that was the first timeline, which had an ending that was then augmented by his actions. That will mean, this movie has multiple timelines, which does not play well with the plot and is not mentioned at all. Lastly, the whole why sent for me was not given a good answer anyone literally anyone can could have carried that vial back to the past to be developed.

In the future the human race is nearing extinction with about half a million left in the world. There seem to be an alien infestation which started in 2048 which are eating up all the humans, these aliens are called Whitespikes. A team from the future (2051) came to the past (2022) to recruit people to help fight the war for their survival. Our lead James is a family man and a biologist who once served in Iraq. The death toll from these missions were skyrocketing and soon citizens were getting drafted. James was drafted and in the future we encounter a beast which seem to be the end of everything we know. James runs into someone from his past, and together they must come up with a toxin which can kill all these aliens in the past to change the future as we know it.

Action wise, the movie borrows a lot from the old 1990s sci-fi with their explosions, running and shooting with aliens chasing all wild and destructive. The movie could have done better if many of the long dialogues were chopped off, but Hollywood seem to have ditch the idea of movies being good and succinct. If it is not two hours long, it is not going to get released.

You can catch this movie on Amazon and even though this movie would have bombed in the box-office because we are in the streaming era, a second part is being made. I wonder what this will be about.


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