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Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans (2021)

Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans (2021)


Starring the voices of

Emile Hirsch

Lexi Medrano

Charlie Saxton

Kelsey Grammer

Fred Tatasciore

Directed by Johane Matte, Francisco Ruiz Velasco and Andrew Schmidt

I guess I probably expected too much. When you are watching a TV series there is a lot of time to build on characters and create deep wells of suspense. When you got an hour and a half to bring to a conclusion everything and everyone you have built up for three seasons, I guess it can be hard.

What I believe Guillermo Del Toro and others did here was take ideas they had for a fourth season and cramp them all up here. There is no character depth to the new characters we meet and the beginning does not give you the needed build up on what is happening now and where we are at the present.

I liked the idea that other things have happened since the last time we saw Jim and his friends, but we were thrown straight to the end of the world scenario and at one time I felt overwhelmed with all that was happening.

The moment you catch your breath in this movie, you discover that the new foes are three magical beings known as the Arcane Order. The three at first stopped Jim and destroyed his magical Trollhunter amulet. One of the three Nari, then joined up with the good guys while the other two hunt her down to use her power to raise the Titans that will bring about the end of the world.

The movie wastes no time as we see the other two arcane order attack a train where Nari with her friends Douxie and Archie were. The Trollhunter and his now big team of friends come to their aid. They had a plan which involved defeating the arcane duo with a device which stops magic, things did not go as planned and Nari (well her body with Douxie in it) got captured.

Unlike the other members of his team which took on the arcane duo, Jim was now just human and got really injured. When the arcane duo found out the deception that Nari was not in her body, they broke the spell and swap her back. Before she left, she gave Jim and the others the clue needed to remake the amulet.

Now this is where you will think my brain is thinking too much.

Why did she say this now?

She could have given them this clue way earlier which would have helped Jim get his amulet working again. But the world has to be at the end of its existence and she has to be miles away to explain her clue leaving the others to try and decipher what she said. While also trying to save her and then try to save the world.

The best way to sum this movie up will be too much happened at just way too fast speed to make this movie matter. I had no issue with the end, which kind of undid everything that has happened right from season 1, but I think the movie could have been done better with a little more focus and less characters.


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