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The Super Mario Bros. Movie (2023)

The Super Mario Bros. Movie (2023)




Starring the voices of

Chris Pratt

Anya Taylor-Joy

Charlie Day

Jack Black


Directed by Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic


This movie is not engaging, the story is bland, the emotion is missing, and I applaud myself on my ability to stay awake while watching this movie. This new animation has critics not giving it high ratings and I support their view on this.

The standard of cinema is so low that the audience rating for movies like this is high. I am seeing this movie get ratings as good as The Incredibles and The Incredibles 2, making me doubt what the hell these people find interesting. This animation is very colorful, but it is not Toy Story. I am so disappointed; it was like I kept expecting more to happen and then each time I look at the time I get more and more disappointed because knowing the runtime and seeing time tick away and nothing worth noting is even happening. This movie is bound and arranged to be a box office hit and even that is a sad achievement. The Mario games by Nintendo from the 80s has been a franchise beacon of how gaming worlds should be built. The games are one of the most recognizable and profitable things you can find. Then the world itself with Donkey Kong and Yoshi has just made every journey into this world worth it. This animation along with the live action movie from the 90s I am afraid are not worth it at all. The presence of the world of Donkey Kong did nothing to save this movie from what it was created to be, a start to more Mario movies and the writers/makers not caring to make it a memorable one. If you have not played or scene any Mario gameplay you will be lost in this movie and plot below.

The movie plot is about the brothers Mario and Luigi who quit their work to start their own plumbing business. Things were not going well and when Mario saw a sewage problem in the city, he decided to go investigate with Luigi hoping that resolving this would give them the boost they need.

While investigating, they get sucked into the Mushroom World. They get separated with Luigi ending up in Bowser’s home world and castle and Mario in the Princess Peach home world and castle. Bowser is bent on conquering the world and he stole the Star Power-up and plans on using it to achieve this. He only has one demand to stop this, and Princess Peach must meet that demand if he is to stop. Mario on the other hand gets to meet Toad and Peach and is shown how this new world works and he has to work together with Peach to save her world and in turn save his brother.

In the end, we are made to suffer through this so that they can create a landing spot for future franchise movies.


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