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Peter Pan & Wendy (2023)

Peter Pan & Wendy (2023)




Jude Law

Alexander Molony

Ever Anderson

Yara Shahidi


Directed by David Lowery


This movie adaption is some nice work by Disney. The movie does not have the amazing magic of the 1953 animated version to which it was adapted but carved its own path and brought out its own magical tributes to the tales of Peter Pan. The ending is also well crafted, and it does its best to answer some questions about where did Hook come from? Why do these two hate each other? And more.

I would not have thought Disney would go ahead with this much tweaking in the story which did not make Peter Pan the all-round good guy. That alone is what made this movie very captivating the moral dilemma shown and the way the characters decided to handle their situation made both Pan and Hook the victim of each other’s decision and a perpetrator.

The movie starts like the animation, with the introduction to the Darling and their children Wendy (the eldest), John and Michael. They are play fighting in their room causing havoc and their father was stern asking Wendy to grow up and act her age. This made Wendy wish to never grow up and that brought Peter Pan to her window.

I will skip many of the things that happened here as they are like the animation, but the flight to Neverland differs from the animation. Of cause to set flight, you need the fairy dust and happy thoughts, but when they got there. Hook shot at them and even captured the brothers.

Wendy crashes into the beach and is surrounded by the lost boys, led by Princess Tiger Lily. From here the movie ventures on a path of its own. Pan comes to the rescue in the end reunites the lost boys with Wendy and her brothers, but their home was attacked by Hook and his crew. The whole gang was captured except Pan. On the ship Wendy had to sit up and take responsibility for the lost boys and her brothers, as she sacrificed herself for their safety. Then we get to that funny part of the animation, where Hook and his crew are awaiting a splash.

How Peter saved the day, and how the matter ended, is left for you to see when you take the time to go see this Disney movie, on their Disney+ channel.

Is it worth it? Yes, this movie is worth the time I gave to see it and I will make time again in the future to see it once more. It stars, Ever Anderson the daughter of Milla Jovovich and Jude Law plays Captain Hook.


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