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Creed III (2023)

Creed III (2023)






Michael B. Jordan

Tessa Thompson

Jonathan Majors

Wood Harris


Directed by Michael B. Jordan in his directorial debut. The main problem with this movie for me is that, if you have seen any Rocky movie, then you have already seen this. The movie is predictable from start to finish. The reason why it is getting high ratings, goes over my head.

Someone wrote a review saying the movie franchise has finally stepped out of the shadow of Sylvester Stallone, but that is not the case for me when seeing this movie. Since it takes its plot from all the Rocky movies before it, there was nothing for me that felt like it stepped out of the shadow. All it did was relocate the characters to L.A.

The acting as you would expect it, had too many movements and frowns as the stereotypical black movies always plays their character.

This movie is the first in the franchise without Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone), I think they plan on continuing the movie franchise, but I just wish they just don’t.

The movie is about two friends, where one goes to jail because the other ran away and left him behind.

The one in jail already had a boxing career, so when Dame got out of jail, he starts working behind the scenes to make sure he gets a title shot. He did, he now started working on getting Donnie Creed out of retirement to come take him. All the above are things you sure have seen in more than one movie. Where the character goes to jail because his friend is a coward. He gets out and believes all the coward friend has attained or has is now his, because if he had ratted on him, he will not gotten all this. This movie is just like that. It does not try to cut another path through the field of movies, but recycling all the movie ideas there is and merging it badly.

I am not surprised this movie is already working on a fourth path, because it seems audience are movie starved for them to love this movie this much. But the reason for the new one is not because of the audience, but because of the over 200 million it made in the box office.

I cannot recommend anyone seeing this movie, I will advise you go dust off the old Rocky movies and watch those instead. This movie does not live up to the hype. The Rocky movies had better stories, acting, drama and strong men action.


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