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The Sitter (2011)

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The Sitter (2011)


Jonah Hill
Ari Graynor
Max Records

Directed by David Gordon Green

Distributed by 20th Century Fox

No need to watch this movie, after I sat through it I wished I could pull out my brain look for where in my memory the movie is stored and erase the every trace of me seeing this film. If you have been watching TV in the last ten years chances are that you have seen this movie a 100 times over, because this was a cliché r us special. First let’s start with the reason a movie is made.

A movie is made so that the viewers will watch and be entertained. This movie keeps you glued to you sit reason being you have probably slept off after the first 20 mins into it, the director and the production crew should be patted on the back for being able to screen this movie and stay awake long enough to green lit the release.

Jonah Hill, could have done better he has done better and this is not one of them. Lacking in focus and drive this movie tells the tale of a Selfish twenty something man named Noah (Jonah Hill), who leaves with his mum and is in a relationship (well not really a relationship just something that looks like it).

He gets a side job to baby sit 3 kids a job he blows (if you have not been able to put that together from the get go of this movie), because the kids were so weird, I actually didn’t believe the director allowed it to pass by unnoticed.
One was Gay? The other a psychopath and the last just wanted to party.

Well how does he blow babysitting?

Easy, he gets a call from his so called girlfriend to come over for sex (something he has been waiting for) and to bring along coke, in the process of getting the coke and heading back for the sex is what the movie is all about.

In the end of this tragedy the director felt it will be nice to pass a message in the movie which he did like as if anybody will notice it underneath all the crap.

David Gordon Green was responsible for this, I should have not wasted my time when I saw his name with this movie, Pineapple Express was manageable, Your Highness was not supposed to be done and now this, Richard Roeper rated the film ‘F’ and named it the worst movie of 2011, I can bet some people agree.
So if you have a free buck and this movie is on sale do yourself a favor save the buck.


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