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Arthur Christmas (2011)

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Arthur Christmas (2011)



James McAvoy
Hugh Laurie
Bill Nighy
Jim Broadbent
Imelda Staunton
Ashley Jensen

Directed by Sarah Smith

Distributed by Columbia Pictures

Full of love, joy and smiles, how often do you watch a Christmas movie and find yourself smiling although?

Arthur Christmas is produced by Aardman Animations and Sony Pictures Animation. Not the conventional CGI makers as the picture quality is not as fluid and grand like those of Pixar, but the fun of watching the story paid off. This duo production company put together a Christmas treat, which I believe will be watched over and over again, not because of the season…. No but because of the reason it was made, to share the Christmas cheer.

The production company Aardman, known for clay animation as they are responsible for the Wallace and Gromit animations, made sure we fully understand that the secret behind Santa flying around the world, delivering gifts.

Santa actually has with him some special trained elves that are like Special Forces, mixed with some Jackie Chan and Bond. They kinda break into homes do some unbelievable maneuvers to make sure that in any city they are in, gifts are delivered to all children in seconds. This is shown in the opening sequence of the movie before the story starts.

We are taken into the introduction of the cast as the movie progress we have

Arthur (James McAvoy), the clumsy younger son of Santa and Mrs Santa
Steve (Hugh Laurie) the elder brother, arrogant and an over achiever
Santa (Jim Broadbent), throughout the movie you never get this guy

And then there is the main man of the movie (in my opinion) Grand-Santa(Bill Nighy) a 136 year old cranky Santa that just wants to show Steve how it used to be done.

The plot of the movie plays off as simple as any Christmas movie plot would, It is Christmas Eve and Santa’s 70th run as Santa (that is this Santa) and as usual the elves have been working, the presents packed, stacked and loaded on the… in this movie sleigh is olden days stuff, Santa rides an ultra-high-tech sleigh titled the S-1, not driven by reindeers though. Santa sets off and the elves are all up and going and then in the end all was delivered to the over 2 billion kids waiting.
In the end of this trip, Santa decides to still go for his 71st run next year (to Steve dismay) when Steve expects him to retire, in the dining during dinner Steve gets a buzz something is wrong.

One Child was missed, in all the hustle, one child got left out Steve is fine since success is just 0.0000000001 shot of a 100 %, but Arthur was not.

So what happens?  Go watch and tell me what you think.

The movie does justice of passing along a message for the young viewers that it is not all about who gets the glory, as long as the job gets done. Also we all need to work together not everyone can lead some have to be the wingmen that makes sure the leader gets his work done right. I do hope a sequel to this is made will like to see the whole family again.


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