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Nine Lives (2016)

Nine Lives (2016)


Kevin Spacey
Jennifer Garner

Directed by Barry Sonnenfeld

Lots of movies get bad reviews for not being original or just being dam right too predictable, Nine Lives fit into that category, but to be honest I watched the movie and I was laughing all through.

The story line in the movie was crap no doubt about that, even a child in kindergarten can come up with better. You can call me gullible or lacking of good taste, but on a Saturday evening and wondering what to see and deciding to settle for this was not a bad idea, neither was it a regrettable one.

The movie is as I said, predictable to the last scene, nothing new here folks and the acting and CGI could have been far better, but I liked it. It could be I have daddy issues?

Well, back to the movie, Christopher Walken who happens to be one of my favorite actors plays a cat whisperer in this movie and we had Kevin Spacey play the lead role along with Jennifer Garner so the movie didn’t lack talent. The movie didn’t waste time to showcase its cheesiness and the moment the movie starts you will know you are in for a B-movie with A-list actors.

Critically panned for very good reasons because I have to be honest the movie is total nonsense and if you are a cat lover I will strongly advise against seeing this movie.
The director was not interested in even trying to make the story presentable, he probably read the script and decided to let the move go as it wants. The writers, I do not want to believe there were people paid for this movie because it cost $30 million to make (not including marketing), and from the way the crappy story went I want to believe more than half of that went into paying the actors. In the Box Office, the movie brought in $44 million, making it a loss for the production company.

The movie plot has a highly focused dad (Kevin Spacey) who puts his family last and his business first. On his child’s birthday and after missing numerous birthdays he decided to get her what she wants, a cat. He went to a cat shop and bought her a cat, on his way home he branched at the office. An accident occurred in the office and when he woke up he was a cat and his body was in a coma. The man (Christopher Walken) whom he bought from the cat from informs him that he must be good to his family if he wants to get his body back.

I worry not for any of the actors because I do not expect anyone to go see this movie, even though I saw it and found it funny, I cannot in good conscience tell anyone to go give their good money to see this movie with their family.


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