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The BFG (2016)

The BFG (2016)


Mark Rylance
Ruby Barnhill

Directed by Steven Spielberg

The Big Friendly Giant, BFG for short was not surprisingly a good film and not surprised that it flopped in the box office. From what I heard the movie will be Steven Spielberg biggest flop, but Disney has had a good run this year with Captain America: Civil War (2016), Finding Dory (2016), Zootopia (2016) and Jungle Book (2016) so I do not expect this to affect their profit.
The movie had great CGI and the acting of the child actor Ruby Barnhill was masterful, the movie cinematography and CGI to live-action mix is what noting that it was well done.

The issue is the story. The plot is not bad, but it is definitely not a crowd puller. I’m just seeing the movie now since its release in July and to be honest if I miss this movie I will not feel it.
When it comes to the directing of the movie and the masterful cinematography I have to say Steven is still as good as expected. He and his team took an old-time story with its animation and turned it to a comedy adventure film for the family.

The moment the movie started and I sat to see what it was about I have to say I didn’t move from where I was until the credits started rolling. Another downer in the movie is the end when the humans had to face up with the giants, that last act was a complete anti-climax to an already good movie.
I totally expected more from the movie, but it seems Spielberg was interested in making a family friendly movie where any child can go see it.

That alone is the reason why many of the things you will expect from cannibal eating giants was totally absent from this movie. Even though they wanted to make the movie family friendly I believe the ending will still be fun, if the giants were allowed to put up a little fight to save their hide instead of the walk over we had the not so good pleasure of seeing.

The movie plot shows two worlds, the world of the giants and that of humans. The giants eat the humans if they could, except one who happened to be more of a vegan, he is a dreamcatcher and also a dream blower. While giving humans dreams as they sleep he was spotted by a little girl named Sophie (Ruby Barnhill), afraid that she will tell people, he took her from her bed to the giant world.
There they became friends and decided to work together to stop the other giants.

Good family movie for the kids, but will not be much fun for adults.


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