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Bright (2017)

Bright (2017)


Will Smith
Joel Edgerton

Directed by David Ayer

Bright is a movie filled with all the needed cliché lines for an action movie, think of any action movie one liner, this movie got it. It also tried to add a few of its own and this Netflix production does justice to the action movie genre.
My verdict after seeing this movie is, go see it. If you have not heard of it now you have. Here is a movie I will definitely see a second part if Netflix decides to make another. I think Netflix has created something that can turn into a trilogy if they let themselves get good writers and directors.

Bright comes packed with awesome action scenes and the movie’s flow is magnificent. Watch out for the scenes where the Elves were on rampage mode…, is to die for.

The movie drags thirty minutes in, as we are made to familiarize ourselves with this alternate reality where two thousand years ago, instead of the “death of Christ” we have the “death of the Dark Lord.”
Bright is set in a world of both human and mythical creatures, we have Fairies, Orcs, Elves and there were mentions of Dwarves.
The movie is an all-out Buddy Cop action movie set in the city of angels, Los Angeles. Will Smith plays a police officer named Daryl Ward who is teamed up with a rookie Orc police officer (and the first Orc cop in this reality) Nick Jakoby (Joel Edgerton).

The whole movie plot is centered around something that happened two thousand years ago, which is the demise of the Dark Lord. He must have been a bad motherfu@#er because two thousand years after his death the people that followed him are still being discriminated against.
One of the group of creatures that supported the Dark Lord two thousand years ago were the Orcs and as the movie develops you will see that not all the Orcs back then were on his side.

With this discrimination hanging in the air, and officer Ward getting shot in the beginning of the movie while his partner (Nick, the Orc) was buying snacks, Ward’s return to the force and still teamed up with the Orc was not going well with him and his colleagues.
During their routine drive, you will see how much Ward didn’t want to have anything to do with Nick and how much Nick needs to make this work for the rest of the Orcs, while the rest of the Orcs hate him.

Now, a group of Elves are trying to bring back the Dark Lord, but their path crossed with these two cops who came across an Elf and a Wand on a scene of a mini-mass murder.

Now things didn’t go well for Ward and Nick when word got out to their backup police officers that a wand was found. Some of Ward’s cop friends want to kill both him and his partner for the wand. Some gangsters also want to kill them to get the wand.

Add to that even Nick’s Orc community want to get their hands on the wand. You will think that is all that is chasing these guys until the group that wants to bring back the Dark Lord too start coming after them for the same wand as it belongs to one of them.

Get ready for fun as you sit back and enjoy all that this movie has to offer.


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