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The Happytime Murders (2018)

The Happytime Murders (2018)


Melissa McCarthy
Maya Rudolph
Joel McHale
Elizabeth Banks

Directed by Brian Henson

The Happytime Murders takes me back to the time of the Muppets, who now belong to Disney. Back then many mash-up between Kermit and friends with humans were fun to see and were for family viewing. This movie is not for the family and it is very adult focused, with puppet sex, drugs and violence.
A movie about a world where puppets and humans live together is what Happytime Murders is about. Although, unlike the other Jim Henson mash-up with cool comedy backup, this one tried to force down your throat every possible adult theme it could find.  

Well, they tried is what I can say when I was done seeing this movie. The movie just kept swinging at all forms of entertaining gimmicks and never hit one. Melissa McCarthy took one for the team in this movie, because this idea of an adult theme puppet movie may not get a sequel. In the box office this movie’s first week is placing it close towards being a box office bomb. That aside critically it holds a negative rating from critics and audience.

The movie tries to focus on some form of discrimination on puppets from humans and the main character Phil a former detective is kind of like carrying the burden of human and puppet integration.
Phil (puppeteer Bill Barretta) and Connie (Melissa McCarthy) used to be partners until what is seen as a loyalty issue got between them. Phil was at that time of his partnership the first puppet cop and when Connie was being held hostage by a puppet, Phil took a shot at the puppet and missed. Everyone says he did it intentionally because puppets don’t kill puppets, in the end Phil got thrown off the force.

Now Phil works as a P.I., trying to keep his world turning. Everything starts to get twisted when a lady comes to him with a blackmail case. When he begins investigating the case by visiting a puppet adult store, one of the characters from a popular puppet TV show Happytime was there and was killed.
It all seemed random, like a robbery gone wrong, but later his brother who was also part of the Happytime gang was also murdered.

Connie was forced to work with Phil by her commanding officer to solve the crimes. Things started to get milky when other Happytime gang members start to get murdered and Phil happens to always be at every location.
Phil is now a suspect – now he and Connie must find a way to solve this crime and clear Phil’s name.

If you have some spare cash and want to see a movie, well save it and buy a pizza.


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