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Good Boys (2019)

Good Boys (2019)


Jacob Tremblay
Keith L. Williams
Brady Noon

Directed by Gene Stupnitsky

I started watching this movie with the hope of just passing time because the buzz and the trailer I saw made it seem like a movie that I should not expect much from. I was wrong, the movie is funny and just swings you back to your youth, about being a young man who just got interested in the opposite sex.

It was like reliving my childhood. The three young boys made me feel young again when I didn't know anything about sex, kissing and just wanted to be cool.
Their innocence was just everything needed to make this viewing worthwhile.

The movie plot is about three young boys and their whole bout of misadventures. Their naive view of life and their hope to get to a kissing party.
The three young men in question are Max (Jacob Tremblay), Lucas (Keith L. Williams) and Thor (Brady Noon). Max has a crush on a young lady in his school named Brixlee. He and his two friends call themselves the Bean Bag Boys and they are just known around school as just some losers. Max kind of has a cool flow about him, which made some kids in school think he is better than the rest. So he got invited to a kissing party and knowing that Brixlee will be there he agreed to come, under the condition that he can bring his two friends.

Now this was simple enough, all they had to do was just be at the party and Max will get to kiss his crush. Well, things got complicated fast when the three realized that they do not know anything about kissing.
One bad idea after another followed and those are the things the movie is about.

It started with Max and his friends using his father's valued drone to spy on his teenage neighbor Hannah, in an attempt to learn the proper way to kiss. Hannah and her friend catch the drone and now Max has to get it back. His attempt to get it back didn’t go as planned and the three wound up stealing the girls bag, which had drugs in it. The girls want the drugs back and Max and his friends want the drone back, what could have been an easy trade was complicated by their naive view of life.

Soon everything that could have made their problem easy got more and more complicated as the various kinks in their individual character just made their problems worse.

The movie was directed and written by Gene Stupnitsky and this is his directorial debut.

Worth seeing.


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