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IT Chapter Two (2019)

IT Chapter Two (2019)


Jessica Chastain
James McAvoy
Bill Hader
Isaiah Mustafa

Directed by Andy Muschietti

IT Chapter two has arrived and it takes no prisoners. The movie is just as captivating as the first movie in 2017 and just as interesting. The only thing here is, when it was children taking on Pennywise the movie had a ring of strength in character needed by the children. They needed this strength to take on Pennywise and face up to their fears.
This is of no disrespect to the actors in this second part, they performed beautifully it was just harder to sell the needed strength in character the adults needed. So the writers tackled this in a good way they decided to take the time to scare the adults, and make them childish again. This was done when the characters were walking through the town getting their memory back. We get to see their younger counterparts along with them being scared at the same time. Yes, this movie has us also seeing the younger counterparts of the ensemble cast used in IT (2017).

Based on a Stephen King book titled IT. The first cool adaptation of it was in in 1990 when Tim Curry was the person who played Pennywise. The fun part was the studio deciding to do a remake twenty-seven years later in accordance with the book timing of when Pennywise attacks. The first IT was in 2017 and set in 1989. This new one is set in 2016.

The plot is as follows. Pennywise which the Losers Club thought they had killed is back. Everyone has left the town except for Mike. He stayed behind and kind of got into an obsession over Pennywise. Twenty-seven years after they believe they had killed Pennywise he came back and started causing chaos. This time in this here movie, he spreads his tentacles.

Mike calls the others and ask them to honor a vow they made twenty-seven years ago, to return to Derry, Maine and kill Pennywise if he ever shows up again.

The movie waste no time In delivering the needed scares and occurrences of Pennywise to drive you up a tree wishing he would just die.
The casting just like the first IT in 2017 was done masterfully. Everyone of the cast made each scene they featured in their own. The movie also stepped up in the CGI used here. We get to see not only Pennywise do some weird transformations, but many other scary creatures show up.

The whole Losers Club were scared off their rockers, when it had to do with them going back to their town where it all occurred and the writers and director took us down the scary path together with them.
The movie is just as good as the first one and needs to be seen, to put an end to the whole Pennywise story.


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