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Kate (2021)

Kate (2021)




Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Miku Martineau

Woody Harrelson


Directed by Cedric Nicolas-Troyan


When you sit down to watch Kate, you get from the start that this is something you have seen before and I guess the producers felt it is ok for them to do it again. I think the best way to rate this film is to let you know it is a B-movie with subpar graphics. The car chase looked like something they lifted from the video game Need for Speed. While everything else in the movie were derivatives from other movies to which we have seen concerning female assassins and their controllers, get into sticky situations.

When numerous movies start to feel alike there is no longer a thrill, you can guess your way through from the first minute down. How the makers now expect you in a good conscience recommend this movie to another person to see, beats me?

The movie had a flat take on its own story and the characters (except for Kate) were just redundant and bland. All through you are made to feel like you are waiting for something to happen, which never does.

So, what is Kate?

You start with a character (Kate the assassin) who grew a conscience when it came to a kill. Because as you can guess, the kill’s daughter was present. Well Kate carries on with the job even though she tired to object to it and we now have a devasted daughter. At this point you will be able to guess that circumstances will add-up and series of unfortunate events will bring the two together.

Fast-forward to a one-night stand and Kate gets poisoned with a radioactive element which now gives her one day to leave. She gathers up some adrenaline shots and goes hunting for the bad guy who she believes was behind her poisoning.

It turns out, the suspected man as you can guess is related to the person she killed and is the uncle of the little girl. Kate kidnaps the girl with only one thing in mind, getting the bad guy to show up so she can kill him and die in peace.

This lack of innovation is caked with bad CGI, weird gun fights, plot holes and some not so necessary incidents that only makes you question if the makers think you are dumb.

This movie is on Netflix, and I believe Netflix needs to step up on all the trashy skip worthy movies they have had their hands in now adays.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead on her own, took the movie more seriously than the movie itself deserved.


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