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The Bubble (2022)

The Bubble (2022)





Karen Gillan

Iris Apatow

David Duchovny

Keegan-Michael Key

Leslie Mann

Pedro Pascal


Directed by Judd Apatow



I think the best way to start contemplating existing at all is watching this movie, so if you love your life avoid seeing this movie. It is obvious that the world is struggling for content. This movie even states this in the start. The lack of good content is the reason studios now greenlight nonsense like this. Before Netflix was the home to see great movies that other studios dare not do. Now, Netflix and other production companies and straining for good movies. Is like all the great writers, directors and producers have been stretched thin across too many production studios and streaming services. Because there is no other way to justify why this movie got made.

The Bubble is a movie that is meant to be silly, funny, and entertaining. It has a swell cast, with all of them great when it comes to comedy and it just had one job to do, get the right script and story to make it happen.

Now this movie is not funny nor entertaining. It is not even silly enough to be worth saying, “see this movie so we can discuss how bad it is.” This movie is so not entertaining and the only thing I can say about this movie that is a plus is, how they manage to do absolutely shit-all for two hours.

Not one joke made me smile or a moment that made me go, oh… in two hours. That to me is the amazing thing about this movie. This movie is so bad, it blows my mind how bad it really is.

You will think, making fun of a movie production set and the ridiculous things that happen on there will be easy. Add to that the constraint of the pandemic, as this movie production time was at the time when the pandemic was the highest – will be easy.

The whole idea is, the pandemic is at the highest level, so this movie production is going to be done in a bubble, where the casts do not get to leave the set until the movie is done.

There are so many ideas that these people could have pulled together to make this work, but they strained the juice out of useless sex, strained the juice out of confinement and made even supposed to be weird characters even more annoying.

The movie plot is about the production of a franchise called Cliff Beast 6. They have gathered all the casts together in what is supposed to be a three-month shooting.

With actors being actors (as this movie is trying to play out) in this movie world. Actors are dumb people with no personal life and everything about them is all going down a drain. Add to this studio executives who just need this to happen and hoping to win new audience by bringing in a social media influencer on set.

Things never go as planned; the actors lose their minds on the set. They start behaving in ways that you can only see on TV in movies talking about how horrible actors behave, the whole thing then goes up in smoke. Here is where I stop writing about the movie plot so you can go see it, but please do not.

How anyone of the cast decided to sign up to do this movie is beyond me.

This movie is written and directed by Jude Apatow and he has his wife (Leslie Mann) and daughter also in this cluster shitshow.


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