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The Perfection (2018)

The Perfection (2018)





Allison Williams

Logan Browning

Steven Weber


Directed by Richard Shepard


The Perfection is some psychological horror like thriller that I feel some will see as a form of movie art. Especially the ending where we have some form of amputee performance for the amputee. I for one did not see this movie as such, I did not see it as art and felt he whole incident that led to the final show was a little over the top. Although I appreciate how the movie got into the state of the matter from the start and keeps that as the forefront until the end.

As far as surprises go, the movie did shock me with the direction it took when the two female leads ran off and the repercussion of the drugs. The movie starts with a woman called Charlotte (Allison Williams) calling a couple that she is now able to come back and work for them. Charlotte plays the chello and is the star pupil of a couple (Anton and Paloma) who runs a music school. When her mother fell ill, Charlotte had to leave to go care for her mother. After the mother died, she called the couple and returned to the music school to discover she has been replaced with another star pupil called Lizzy.

At this point you get the idea of where the movie is taking you, you can start to worry of some jealousy coming to play. This is solidified when the movie then reveals some scenes from Charlotte’s point-of-view. There it shows the plot for Lizzy’s downfall and making sure she will no longer be able to perform again.

Charlotte’s unstable mental behaviour is not hidden, as flashbacks show there is something eating deep inside her mind. Then the plot then turns around and does 180 degrees on who Charlotte is and her reasons for her actions. This flip is ok, but this is where I feel her actions were just way over the top, even though she was able to justify it. Now, discovering that Anton and Paloma’s music school is more than just what you see in the surface was not a surprise. The movie drops that vibe right from the moment we see them, and in that aspect, I was not surprised.

The movie ends in a way that some will see as art, but I feel is just annoying. It had no point and even in my mind I could think of worst things.

Anyways, The Perfection is on Netflix. It is there for the ones who find such movies interesting. I will advise though, that it is best to read the synopsis but not the whole plot before you dive into this movie.


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