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Emily the Criminal (2022)

Emily the Criminal (2022)



Aubrey Plaza

Theo Rossi

Megalyn Echikunwoke

Gina Gershon


Directed by John Patton Ford


Decaying somewhere will be this movie and all memory of me seeing it will be lost soon. The sad thing is that it will not be missed. Even though the movie has a one up on entertaining than the nonsense being thrown at us during this drought of good eye watering cinema, it still lacks the ingredients that will make it memorable.

Hard on luck woman decides to do something about her difficulty by getting involved in an illegal credit card scheme which in the end turned out some needless tragedy and deceit. Wow! How surprising. I think the biggest problem now is not the lack of originality is the lack of creativity when recycling things. There is nothing new you can say, but at least do something good with what you have decided to reuse.

The movie had too much Ctrl+C (copy) Ctrl+V (paste) from what we were already used to.

Emily was working hard doing odd jobs to get buy hoping to get a good job to get her out of her present state of despair. One day a colleague asked her to cover his shift and in return gave her a contact which guaranteed her $200 an hour. The offer looked too good, and she jumped on it to discover it is a fraud credit card scheme. Where they go to a store buy an expensive item with the fake credit card and fake ID and bring it to the men who are running the ring. In return for that trip, they get $200 and go home.

After the first one went well, she got another offer for $2000. This one did not go so well and from no where one of the men who oversees the ring took a liking on Emily. And their little union got Emily her own numbers, her fake card creating device and she could now start making her own purchases and selling them on the street.

As you would expect things were not going great later when the two decided to be a couple, and soon we had an ending which just showed how odd this movie could have been if the writer had just tried to be more creative with what they had in their hand.

The lack of good movies with directors and good writers stretched thing among these streaming services means we must make the best of what we have dropped on our feet. This is not one of the best we can see out there, but it is something to make do while waiting for something better.


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