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Me Time (2022)

Me Time (2022)




Kevin Hart

Mark Wahlberg


Directed by John Hamburg


You get the feeling that Netflix is scrapping the bottom of the barrel for anything that will stick as a good movie for people to write about. This one does not make any common sense at all. The whole idea of this movie is drowned out by what the writer and director Hamburg thinks pass as funny. With mediocre acting, like ever main cast was just tired and doing the last hour of a stressful day shift.

A grown man taking a dump on the bed of another, I know the Amber Heard case was weird, but the incident was not funny. How this is what pass as funny now, shows you how deep down the barrel they had to go to bring this out.

This movie is like an over used rag which instead of tossing out, they decided to use it once more and now, it has stains everywhere and still did not do the job.

The plot is about two old friends Sonny and Huck (Hart and Wahlberg respectively). Huck always gets Sonny to do crazy things with him on his birthday and this became their tradition. After 3 years apart, Sonny has become a stay home dad and Huck is still living the life.

During Huck’s 44th, he invites Sonny for it, but Sonny has become boring, and his wife was begging him to go. She wanted to use the opportunity to get to know her children. Sonny decided to take the offer of a Me-Tim while the wife take the kids to her parents.

From here we discover the wild ride Huck has planned for his 44th. Also, we learn that there is more to the Huck than the eyes could see and he is hiding something critical from his friend Sonny.

What a predictable plot with the only twist being how much predictable it could get.

I want so much to not see anything Netflix for a while because I will need something amazing to make me forget that this movie was ever done.

Kevin Hart is just making money doing the bare minimum in these strings of movies he has dropping everywhere. Even here, casting him and Wahlberg was a total waste of money for a script that should be nothing more than a 10-minute skit.

The movie is playing on Netflix, and I will advise you to go find an old series and re-watch that because the chances of you watching this movie to the end without falling asleep is very low. If the boredom does not get you, the stupidity being displayed on screen will.


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