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Jack Reacher (2012)

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Jack Reacher (2012)


Tom Cruise
Rosamund Pike
Richard Jenkins
Werner Herzog

Directed by Christopher McQuarrie

Jack Reacher’s portrayal by Cruise is one some say is not up to the standard of the one Lee Child portrayed in his books. From my opinion even though I have not read any of the books, Cruise may not be as tall or as built as the Character in the books, but he did a fine job, because after I was done watching the movie I started to crave for the book.

The movie may not be classic or anywhere near those of Cruise’s Mission Impossible movies, but it is a good action movie that will keep you at the edge of your sit as you so desperately wait to see how Jack Reacher was going to figure out that James Barr (Joseph Sikora) was innocent and although he desperately doesn’t want to help, his Sherlock Holmes like inquisitiveness got the better of him.

The movie itself is based on one of the several Jack Reacher books by Child; this action thriller is an adaptation of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher book titled One Shot which is the 9thbook in the Jack Reacher series. The story is about a city where a sniper shot 5 people at random. A man (James Barr) is caught and accused for the crime, with all evidence proving that he did it, the only thing the man said was “Get Jack Reacher”. Jack Reacher was a former United States Army Military Police Corps Major and a former member of the military police unit. The unit handles cases involving members of the U.S. Army Special Forces.

Reacher saw, Barr on TV and shows up before the D.A. could even start looking for him, the D.A. thinking Reacher is a friend of Barr later found out that Reacher actually came to bury Barr. But as Reacher joined the investigations he realized that Barr may be innocent, and only he could prove it.

The annoying thing I had to witness in the movie is the olden day’s style where the hero drops his weapon and decides to go hand-to-hand with the Villain, as in that is so old and stupid, I wonder why it should have been included. Everyone in the movie was impressive, except the main antagonist an old man whose presence was so obsolete that you wouldn’t miss him.

The inclusion of Robert Duvall in the cast is very well welcomed, the director Christopher McQuarrie (who won an Academy Award for best original screenplay for the classic The Usual Suspect (1995)), did a good job in the movie direction as you will be left in the dark, and thrilled as things start to manifest, but then pissed when Reacher dropped the gun to go hand-to-hand, so for McQuarrie I give a 6/10.

Jack Reacher is a nice movie to go see when you get the chance to.


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