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Officer Down (2013)

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Officer Down (2013)


Stephen Dorff
Dominic Purcell
David Boreanaz

Directed by Brian A Miller

Officer Down is not all that, it lacks in all but stupidity. I want to express my sincere displeasure about this movie; the acting was like something I will see in a pre-school play where the kids are finding it hard to concentrate. With actors like Stephen Dorff (Blade), Dominic Purcell (Prison Break) and David Boreanaz (Bones), i expected better. The movie plays with your mind a little trying out your patience, as if the director is wondering how long it will take before any of the audience realizes that all that they are watching for the last one hour is leading nowhere.

They kept dragging the story of how a corrupt cop went straight, that after a while I just gave up and almost X-edthe movie as one of those I didn’t get to finish nor write about till I stumbled on the twist in the movie plot that got my attention.

The movie’s twist was very good, but then the implementation was so poor that it was hard to believe that this people could mess up something good, but believe me they did, the flashbacks were so much that it muddled up the story, the cinematography was not half bad, but the delays before anything makes sense was frustrating. The movie claims to have a director, to me all it had were bunch of guys doing what they liked on screen and following set guidelines called script, James Woods would have been better not being in the movie, because his inclusion was just like a damp rag in the corner, which has started to stink.

The movie is so sadly about a crooked cop named Det. David Callahan (Stephen Dorff), who got mixed up in drugs and had a turn around when he faced a life challenging experience.
But his past was not done with him yet and it came back with a vengeance leading him to make more mistakes and almost getting him killed, (that’s as succinctly a summary, one could make out from this hour and a half waste of my time).

I regret the moments spent watching this movie and I truly wish I had not heard about it nor seen it. It is one thing for a movie to be full of junk, trying to make the audience awe in the magnificence of an unbelievable twist and it another thing for a movie like this that is full of junk and the twist which was good ended up being buried in it.

Take my word for it, this is one crappy movie and the worse I have seen this year and the year is just beginning, I doubt if any worse thing can be done this January.


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