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Hot Pursuit (2015)

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Hot Pursuit (2015)


Reese Witherspoon
Sofia Vergara

Directed by Anne Fletcher

If there are no more movies on this earth and this happens to be the last movie ever made, I still would not re-watch it. In fact if this is the last movie ever made, I feel sorry for mankind. What a load of crap. The movie is like watching a man’s heart monitor 10 seconds before he dies. It starts and 10 seconds into it, it flattens and remains as such until the screen goes black.

My biggest issue with this movie is writing the review after seeing it, there is nothing to say, the movie is just bad. It stands as an example of how not to make a comedy and to be honest except the girls, everyone else that got to be in this movie, will really need a good comeback.

Director Anne Fletcher should just stick to choreography, at least in that I know she can deliver, but in movie directing she needs to really brush up. The producers on the other hand blew it. There it was in their hand Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara, all they had to do was just come up with a good script and people will be sold. The script doesn’t have to be a masterpiece just good, and it will work, such a simple task and they couldn’t do it.

When the credits were rolling in and I got to see the mistakes the pair made during filming, the only thing I could say was “WOW!”
I couldn’t believe a movie with these two stars can suck this much. Even if this was a B-Movie, it will still be horrible. The plot is no good, the lines were not anywhere funny and the scenes were so over the top silly and stupid, you will watch this movie in amazement.

I read online that the pair were good and the movie bad, but I beg to differ. The pair was bad and the movie worse. There is no memorable moment in the movie and the end which was supposed to be the twist in the whole movie, to bring home a powerful ending, ended up being lame and a total waste of film reel.

The movie plot is on Officer Rose Cooper (Reese Witherspoon) who was tasked with the job of taking a federal witness Daniella Riva (Sofia Vergara) to Texas so she can testify against a known drug lord.

The movie is about their journey and how corrupt cops and others tried to kill them and stop them from getting to Texas.


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