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The Peanuts Movie (2015)

The Peanuts Movie (2015)


Starring the voices of:
Noah Schnapp
Hadley Belle Miller
Mariel Sheets

Directed by Steve Martino

Simple and not trying to be over ambitious is what Peanuts Movie is all about. The writers of the movie are the creator’s children Bryan and Craig Schulz. Their father the late Charles M. Schulz, will be glad to know that this movie (which marks the 65thanniversary of the comic strip and this is the 5th full length movie) stayed true to its roots.

The Peanuts Movie is a fun movie for the old Charlie Brown lovers and the new intakes. The movie has all the charms of the old comic strip, although majority of the scenes were between Charlie Brown’s home and school, which I believe the writers could have ventured out more.

The movie took from many of Schulz stories to create this over 80 minutes wonder ride down nostalgia lane to come up with the below plot.
Charlie Brown has fallen in love with his neighbor the Little Red-Haired Girl. But his insecurities is getting the better of him and he spends many of his time trying to sum up the courage to approach her.

After getting some 50 cents advice from Lucy, Charlie decides to perform acts to get the Little Red-Haired Girl’s attention, but it was not his acts to get her approval that did the job. The primary act that made sure he got her attention and the attention of his other classmates was when Charlie scored a perfect score in his test which turned him to an overnight celebrity.

But if you are familiar with Charlie Brown you will know that it didn’t last long.

To see how Charlie managed the situation of being a celebrity and not having the confidence of one, I will stop here and ask you to go see the movie.

The movie still kept its old gags, Charlie and his kite, Charlie and his inferiority complex and Charlie the depressed little kid who can turn a book report to a life time commitment.
Then there is the running gag where Charlie is unable to kick the ball because Lucy always moves it away, well if you hang on to see the movie to the end you will not miss that scene.

After this movie (which is the first peanuts movie after 35 years) I wonder if we should hold our breath for more. I enjoyed seeing the gang I grew up reading and watching, and seeing Snoopy get into his fantasy again just brought warmth in me. In this movie Snoopy’s fantasy has him going after the Red Baron who kidnapped his dream girl Fifi.

For me a second Peanuts movie will be welcomed and enjoyed by many.


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