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Viy 2: Journey to China (2019)

Viy 2: Journey to China (2019)


Jason Flemyng
Helen Yao
Jackie Chan

Directed by Oleg Stepchenko

VIY 2 is the sequel to VIY (2014). Both are Russian fantasy adventure movies, and this has more action and less comedy than the first. The action in this does not make up for the lack of comedy and thrill. While the first movie had Jonathan Green (the lead) going about Europe, this has him getting into Asia, most especially China. Viy is a Russian movie based off Nikolai Gogol's horror story of the same name.

I liked the first VIY (2014), mostly because the story was simple and less complex. All you have to do to enjoy it is to just listen and follow the story. Here, they added a lot of mystery and did not bother trying to explain or reveal them
VIY 2 is not a good movie other than the finally battle where good had to take on evil, everything else about the movie falls below par.

Although liked the first I enjoyed seeing how many things which looked mystic were revealed to be basic. But there was still some mystic things about how these men managed to do the things they did.
This movie has so many subplots all tangled up into one, that Jonathan Green’s story was just a subplot in the main plot. The movie so much digressed from the first concerning the plot, that the writers did not bother trying to tie lose ends.

The movie starts with us getting to know some mystic tale about a dragon in China whose eye lashes were the main ingredients for some mystic tea. Some set of people called White Wizards were caring for the dragon and they were responsible for cutting its lashes. Then some evil ones came and took over, because of greed.
With that tale explained in the begining of the movie we then see Jonathan captured because he was able to recognize an impostor. He was set free later on to continue his journey of drawing his maps and he was paid to go draw the map of Asia. He agreed to, but for one condition that he will take a young man with him. The man according to him cared for him when he was imprisoned, so both were free and sent on their way. While some men were told to waylay them and kill them, because Jonathan knows more than he should.

The young man with Jonathan proved to be a master of martial arts and saved Jonathan. Now they are heading to China.
We soon gather that the young man was someone special, who needs to get to his home in China to save his people from the the evil men whom is believed to control the dragon.

We have Jackie Chan play a role in this movie and his part and that of Arnold Schwarzenegger were that of supporting cast. What they brought to this movie is irrelevant to the main plot, and the movie would have gone on smother if they were not in it to complicate things further.

If you have seen VIY (2014) and you are curious of what happened to Jonathan, well allow your curiosity let your mind think up a better continuation, because this will not do.


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