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Gemini Man (2019)

Gemini Man (2019)


Will Smith
Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Clive Owen

Directed by Ang Lee

Gemini Man is a Sci-Fi action thriller which they say it has been a long time in the making.
The movie idea is very interesting, but the plot was flat. It seemed like I was witnessing a monologue from an old man to his younger self, every time the two were after each other in the early to mid part of the movie. When the action scenes erupt, they do so grandly, but then climax weakly, but they made up for this nonsense action scenes in the end of the movie.
This one dimension plot would have been fun if the movie does not at times drift off into a long dialogues between any two of the three on the run.

Here is the plot of the movie, a government assassin operative named Henry Brogan (Will Smith) is aging and retiring. After his last hit for the government and his retirement, his friend told him that a source informed him that the last man he killed was innocent.
The government found out about this conversation and sent operatives to kill him, his friend and the lady who was sent to man the dock where he took a boat to meet his friend.

He saves the lady and even though his friend was dead they both escape to meet another of his old friends. It was there in the east that the three were attacked by a man who looked exactly like Henry.
They found out the person was a clone and now they have to stop him before his kills them.

The scene of present self trying to talk younger self to think, was so not-emotionally well done. It came out gross and below par for the people in-charge of the dialogue in this movie.
Nearly twenty-years went waiting for the technology to catch up with the idea for making this movie. Many directors and leads were passed by until Ang Lee and Will Smith jumped on the wagon.
Instead of going the way Looper (2012), where two different actors (Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt) were used to portray a younger and older version of the lead character. Gemini Man uses motion capture and de-aging technology to portray a younger Will Smith. Will Smith played both his character and the motion capture for his younger self.

I was not impressed by this movie based on the hype and the people involved. I expected more and was disappointed by what I saw. I expected more action with amazing choreography in the fight scenes (this was only present at the ending of the movie) and not a waste of time in bike chases. I expected the plot to have some deep ties and an unexpected effect from the whole clone existence. A twist in the movie that we are not told about until the end, but what they dropped at the end was something we were all expecting so there was no surprise there. All of these expectations were just that, expectations.
I guess it was my fault for expecting more, the move delivered less and I do not feel comfortable recommending it for viewing pleasure. But you can see it for the sake that it has Will Smith in it, referring to his fans.


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