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Hotel Transylvania 4: Transformation (2022)

Hotel Transylvania 4: Transformation (2022)




Starring the voices of:

Andy Samberg

Selena Gomez

Kathryn Hahn  

Directed by Derek Drymon and Jennifer Kluska


This animation is so nonsense that Sony rather sold it off to Amazon than risk spending more money promoting and distributing it in the cinemas. This was a poor attempt to entertain, and I am sad that Genndy Tartaovsky failed in this present attempt on this franchise. Genndy did not direct this like the others but wrote the story and worked on the screenplay. Adam Sandler did not return to reprise his role as the voice of Drac, it was taken up by Brian Hull.

The third movie in this Sony animated franchise was a burst for me, even the now popular dancing in the end did not make up for the crap that the movie had to deliver. Like the third movie the animation art was poor, and the movie felt like a money grabbing attempt without a story worth seeing.

We start off on the 125th anniversary of the hotel. Johnny was being annoying as usual and Drac was losing it. He had planned to retire and leave the hotel to Mavis and Johnny but was so not ready to have Johnny take charge of anything. The news leaked and the couple knows, then Drac changed his mind and lied to Johnny that it was because he was human. Johnny went to meet Van Helsing to help turn him into a monster so he can meet up with Drac’s needs.

When Drac found out he tried to turn him back but made things worse in one of the least entertaining chase and worthless animated movements you can see anywhere. After many uses of the monster turning equipment, it is now worn out. Helsing tells them that the two have to travel to South America to get a new crystal to turn things back to normal before Mavis finds out. Then we are placed on trip to South America which takes place in another long boring, predictable and annoying take on this two bonding.

The first movie in the franchise lacked suspense and was not as cool as expected. The second movie was a huge step up. It had the introduction of the child of Johnny and Mavis, Dennis and his love for the little werewolf girl turned on his vampire genes. More fun was added into this second take on the Hotel Transylvania franchise with the introduction of the Mel Brooks voiced character, Vlad.

The third movie felt like there were too many characters to manage, now this movie did all they could to reduce the focus width and zooming on Drac and Johnny, with the rest of the characters from the first movie. But like the first movie the story was poor and the whole screenplay failed to deliver any form of entertainment


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